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Dog Walkers Melbourne Dog Walkers and Pet sitters live in the areas of Newport, Williamstown and Point Cook. These suburbs are considered conveniently located near the Western Ring Road for people who wish to drop off their dogs on the way to the airport.

These pet sitters abide by our Policy and Service information (unless there is a further stipulation in their biography below). If you have a particular favourite sitter (below) we will endeavour to match you with them. However we know that ALL of them will provide you with exceptional service.


Bruce is the company's owner and primary dog walker and pet sitter. He started the business in 2010 with the express reason to care for dogs better than any of the other walkers he had seen and provide REAL socialisation for dogs that would return them to a balanced state.

This means dogs get geniune pack walks, they explore, they meet other dogs and get maximum mental and physical stimulation so they can rest when they get home.

All of the articles and blogs on this site are written by Bruce so if you want to view his understanding and philosophy on dogs, that is one of the best ways to do it.

DOG WALKER - Nina Quirk

Nina looks after Yarraville, Seddon, Brooklyn, Footscray, West Footscray, Maidstone, Braybrook, Maribyrnong, Kensington. 

Nina has been working with Dog Walkers Melbourne since 2012. She has some impressive credentials: Nina has attained Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing and in 2010 completed the Certificate II in Animal Studies. She has also undertaken animal first aid during the vet nursing course.

During studies Nina also worked part time at the Altona Vet Clinic.

The qualifications were a natural extension of her passionate for working with animals, in particular she says that she “truly cares for their welfare and has a strong love of dogs.” Not to be left out, Nina also undertook 2 months of work during the busy Christmas period in 2010 at a cattery.
24 HOUR CARER - Sylvia McClean

Sylvia has a lifetime of experience with dogs, beginning on the family farm in Ireland with working farm dogs, and a veterinary surgeon father who bred corgis.

Sylvia moved to Melbourne from a Derbyshire hill farm in the UK, where many dogs of various breeds came for their "holidays". The owners were people who wanted their dog to stay in a family setting with options for lots of outdoor exercise, and personal care.

Sylvia has had had experience of caring for most breeds and accommodating up to five dogs at a time. The owners were always delighted with the personalised service.

In her current location she can offer a secure back garden and is in easy reach of waterfront walks, parks and doggie beaches.
Sylvia McClean & her dog
24 HOUR CARER - Donna

Donna says: "All dogs are cared for in the context of a loving, positive environment where they are befriended by my husband and four grown children. Dogs under our care are walked twice daily, and the longer morning walk usually takes place at Newport Lakes park or the Williamstown Back beach." 

 Your dog is fed (with client supplied food), patted and played with and given necessary care as instructed by their owners. This includes provision of any words and commands the dogs are trained to respond to."

 Your dogs are able to be close to me and sleep inside if needed. I try to be flexible as I can with drop off and pick up arrangements as some times it can be hard with flight etc. 

We always looks forward to meeting new families and their cherished dog.

donna mathews

24 HOUR CARER - Jeannene

I am a professional Pet Sitter and Dog Walker. I have a love and passion for caring for animals. I offer your pet cuddles, shelter, food and long WALKS.

I have plenty of backyard space fully fenced and very secure with self latching gate. Your pet will be well cared for and comfortable staying with me. It's like a pet hotel. You and your family can relax on your holiday or attend to your business requirements knowing your four legged family members are well cared for. Knowing from experience this always is reassuring.

As my location is in Ascot Vale, I am on the way to Melbourne Airport (approximately 20 minutes) and close to Flemington exit and Brunswick Road City Link exits. This makes it super easy for dropping and picking up pets for your next holiday.

Over the past 15 years, I have fostered and trained four Customs puppies/dogs.
I am a mature, reliable woman in my 40's who works from home and therefore I am with your pet the majority of the time unless I have meet and greet appointments or out dog walking.

My house is one block from an oval and only a few blocks from the walking trails of the Maribyrnong River. Fairburn Park is located close by and is an off leash park if required. I tend to keep dogs on a leash unless you request otherwise. I can walk your pet as required and assist with any special dietary, medical requirements etc

24 HOUR CARER - Lachlan Sist

Lachlan has grown up around dogs all of his life and always had a love for them. Since he was sixteen he minded and walked many different dogs from the surrounding neighbourhood. Having been around all different breeds and sizes of dogs he’s comfortable with all types of dogs. 

Living right across the road from Williamstown back beach, Lachlan has always enjoyed walking dogs in this area. The dogs also enjoy the smell of salt water and the dog populated grassy fields around his home. The parks are filled with dogs giving your pet a social, exciting, stimulating outdoor experience.

Lachlan also lives with his girlfriend Megan. Megan is another lover of dogs. She’s also grown up with dogs since she was young and is ecstatic when they’re able to take a dog into their home. Once your dog has come home from his walk he’ll have a quiet place to return to and relax. With two dog lovers, your pets will have all the affection they require.
Lauchlan 24hr

24 HOUR CARER - Col Finnie & Annette

My wife Annette, and I were rapt to have Tammy our border share our life.

Our backyard is big enough for Tammy to use it for the occasional exuberant run about. It’s a big bonus of living in Altona that there are lots of first class off lead places nearby, a couple of them fully fenced. So for the big runs there are plenty of places available.

Annette and I are very much “dog people”. In another life I did obedience competition (with a hilariously over-sized Cavalier King Charles Spaniel). We got through to achieving the mid level Open grading. I like to think that the obedience competition training gave me pretty good insights into how dogs think (most of them anyway!)

You can be sure we will heaping on the affection for your dog while staying with us, and he or she will be in good sensible hands.

Col Finnie.
Col Finnie & Tammy for Dog Walkers Melbourne


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