Dog Walkers in Newport & Williamstown sometimes just enjoy a simple walk

happy social dogs walkingLet dogs be dogs and their health and happiness immeasurably improve

I have used many spectacular dog pictures on my facebook page and on this site for dramatic effect, but the reality is that 99% of our walks are just about dogs walking slowly around, exploring as we walk through the circuit.

In winter almost all dogs are more active, but in summer they still need to socialise off lead and smell all of the scents that their brain can catalogue to keep them young and friendly.
Dog walking for big and small dogs

Amy the bernese and the little Maltese cross seen walking next to her in this blogs photo today was just a chance encounter. They had never met before and may not meet again. When they first met there was much more interest in sniffing each other and getting to see who was who, but that soon settles into a calm walk as you can see.

Unfortunately some people who have never been to a dog park, and ONLY carry their dogs around in their arms or prams don't understand anything about the dog world. That unlike the wild, where rival packs of dogs or wolves would be fierce competitors, the domestic or companion dog, once sufficiently socialised is much more humane than the average human.

The dogs know on the surface that they probably don't need to hunt for food any more to survive, but still that survival instinct and primitive part of the brain clicks into gear when they go on these off lead pack walks. Just enough to keep the dog mentally stimulated and making it think it is earning its meal and part in the pack.

Spontaneous packs form, of which the human is usually the leader. The dogs don't care about the size of the dog, and rarely test who should be in which part of the pack, because cooperation between dogs, even when packs are briefly formed, is far more important to the dog than being the winner.

Only people who have never been around off lead dogs much before would worry about a small dog walking near a large extremely social dog like Amy. And then they project their own fears onto their dogs, and the dogs try and protect the owner, which makes the owner think that the dog is in distress.

NONE of that stupid scenario plays out on our dog walks. Our dogs are the happiest in the suburb, and its all as simple as getting them in a state that they can enjoy off lead dog walks, then keeping them walking.
Its not rocket science, but for the vast majority of dogs, their owners will never bother taking the time that an amazing sentient being like dogs really deserve.


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