The Pro dog walkers dog best play in years

the dog walkers dogWhy the pro dog walkers dog played

Every now and then my dog has a really good play. Don't get me wrong, he has been walked twice a day for his life, and always off lead in the mornings, but often walks are just a quiet affair.

Quiet is not necessarily a bad thing when you have a whole pack to look after, but every now and then you want to be surprised by your dog, by seeing the get up and go they still have.

Admittedly the weather was a "perfect storm" for this kind of play event. He was among his social friends that I brought to the dog park and it was a cool overcast summers day, giving them all a big boost of energy.

My dog has always loved the concept of waves at the beach, and in particular the ability he can have to dig and turn fast on sand. The perfect running environment for not getting hurt.

The reason that I am writing about this now is that he managed at least two superb plays with his dog pack that I managed to get on video and put on facebook.

Many people I know don't even have a decent photo of their dog or child, let alone brilliant video action of their dog truly enjoying themselves. That makes me happy.

I got into the pro dog walking business essentially to be of benefit to all dogs and to enjoy my life. So when the dog that inspired me to quit corporate marketing and has recently turned 7 decided to display an act of speed and mayhem on the beach, I was so please that I was able to capture a few of his runs.

Of course this business is not all about my dog, and I have videoed many of the dog pack having a great time in many different environments, but today just seem like the perfect temperature and setting for my dog to cut loose and that is exactly what he did.

Who does a dog walkers dog play with?

Because my dog is extremely social he will play with any dog that is social in or out of the pack. Those dogs just need to decide on that day that they are as interested in play as he is, and then we have a game.

Being social, means not forcing a play. Before I took the video's all of the dogs were frantically running around. The video just shows my dog playing firstly with a big 4 YEAR OLD bernese mountain dog called Amy then a 12 year old jack russell called MAX.

Each of these dogs obviously has a unique style of play, but my dog has seen them in action for a year or two, so could gauge very readily how to turn the play to his advantage (as much as they could turn it to theirs).

These are my happy dog walk days!


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