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Most people just use us in an emergency or a human holiday situation, but we provide much more than that.

For instance in this picture you will see happy friendly staffy and Boxer dog. These guys were walked fine on lead in their local streets, but that kind of challenge is baby steps when we are talking about dog happiness and dog socialisation.

The boxer dog is over ten and has had a big lump of cancer cut out of its hind leg. Cancers are known to retarget unhealthy dogs, because the immune system is suppressed. Even a ten year old dog of this size will get nowhere near the same exercise as it will off lead. It also wont get to sniff all of the things it wants to, and make choices about which dogs it wants to sniff and meet.

Dogs are pack animals and EVERY DOG EVER benefits massively from being allowed to be with a dog pack, even if only temporarily once per day. Its mental benefits are immeasurable.

So for the boxer it is all about an off lead trot and being with other social dogs. She was always one of the most social boxers I have ever met, so there were never any aggression issues, but the pack environment is what makes her life worthwhile.

The staffy on the other hand is a very high energy dog. He needed a of big runs to burn off her energy. Without it, boredom would quickly set in.

She also had a staffy peculiarity of having a run-away excitement level. Many staffies seem to have this, and in their home environment it is manageable, but on initial walks this girl wanted to ram things and then chase them down and grab them "puppy style" around the neck, Unfortunately staffy strength and very strong bite meant that she had a big potential for doing harm.

The staffy dog transformation for better dog walking

We swiftly put her on lead and gave her a bite muzzle. She was around other dogs, and she was brilliant in the back of the car from day one (otherwise she would have been on solo walks), but out in the park, she was learning manners, and social etiquette. Not all owners have the patience, time or skill (nerve) to teach their dogs acceptable levels of play. DAILY.

She was never a major threat to any dog, but did not know her strength, nor could she read when other dogs were angry or scared. This led to her potentially being bitten. The wisdom of off-lead parks is learning how to be social, no matter at what level a dog is. But the wisdom of a good dog walker is to know at what level a dog is before they go to the park, and have sufficent discipline and restraints on dogs that require it.

This staffy now walks fine off lead and without muzzle. it took many months to get to this level of trust and socialisation, but she has proved her transformation time and time again and is now a great social citizen of the park teaching other dogs how to behave.

The shot in the car is showing her being VERY passive before the car has left for the park. She is now 100% fine in the park and all other owners love her. THIS is the value of our professional dog walking service and the big difference it made for just two of the dogs I walk.


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