The joy of dog walking

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 I was recently talking to people in the dogpark about their day out.

If you dont like golf, a lot of people enjoy the walk. You can do a similar thing with dog walking, but with the added benefit of having a sentient loyal loving creature as a companion that will judge you less than any human being.

They weren't there by being forced, they were there for enjoinment.

Sometimes its a state o f mind thing.  If you are setting out to hate the walk and your dog, and resent them, then you will.  Why do something you dont enjoy. If you dont enjoy walking your dog or paying for someone else to do it, surrender it to the shelter, it will be much happier in life.

dog walk Benefit to the owner

Sure you dog is healthier happier, less bored, doesn't bark as much  and in general your life turns to roses, but let's look at your benefits.

Time and time again owners have reported lower blood pressure and generally a higher sense of wellbeing by bonding and walking their dogs.  They also get to exercise when they might not normally do so - just make sure that you walk rather than stand around in a ring with other owners.

They get to know how much better they and their dogs feel that they do the walk in almost any weather (except extreme heat and thunder storms).

If you walk your own dog in the morning off lead every morning, you will get healthier and wealthier (don't have to pay a dog walker) but I know that most people value sleep in time over the small amount a walker charges. 

You may struggle to find a pack of social dogs to walk with, so your dog may miss out on regular engagement with dogs it knows (its own form of regular bonding). That would be a benefit of hiring a walker.

But the reality of a happy dog is not about the food and cuddles you give it. Ever spoilt a child and not exercised them at all?  How did that turn out for their temperament?

For some reason since the internet became an all consuming thing, people forgot they have legs or that dogs rely on them for their social interaction. This message isnt going to convert those people, it will only reach the owners who already know the value of dog walking and decide to do it a little more, each day ...


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