DOG WALKING SOLUTIONS: Medicating a dog for anxiety is ALWAYS the last resort

dog walked dogs happy dogsDog Anxiety cured by daily off lead dog walks!

The most bizarre thing is that this is never a headline that you are going to see any time soon.

I was completely shocked recently when reading The Age weekend magazine article on how over four pages people came out in support of giving dogs all sorts of "calming" medication.

It wasn't until the 60's that in America Doctors willy nilly over prescribed and continue to do so today, calming medication for humans. The pharmaceutical billion dollar industry will always find ways to sel new products, now your dog is at risk !

It seems that around 2000 (the year that the internet took off and people forgot to walk their dogs) that over prescribing anxiety and calming medication for dogs became popular.

What dogs need anti anxiety medication?

This is the real question that senate committees should be asking, but of course there is NO MONEY in NOT PRESCRIBING vet medicine.

Did you know that if you begin a dog on anxiety medication it can change brain chemistry (just like in humans) so that even if a dog didn't need monthly medication before seeing a vet, it will now for the rest of its life?

The reason that I am so worked up over this issue is that there are almost NO DOGS that require anti anxiety medication.


As Cesar Milan has repeatedly reported over hundreds of extreme dog behaviour cases over many years, there are very few dogs that have genuine brain disorders or mental illnesses that cant be fixed by training then regular off lead dog walks.

Why does a dog get anxious? 

There are many reasons, but one of the defining issues is that a dog locked up all day and not allowed to run off lead to make its own choices, gets fearful of humans and other dogs and at home can get separation anxiety, digging issues, barking issues, all things that can be fixed by long exercise sessions, but people and vets take the shorter easier path of medication.

Just as parliamentarians who say that global warming does not exist (againt all scientific evidence agreed by 97% of scientists) and actively dismantle any projects to reduce carbon emissions or change our energy needs to sustainable platforms should be put against the wall. So should anyone who prescribes anti anxiety mediation to a DOG without trying dog behaviour experts methods or Long off lead dog walks. Its called SOCIALISATION.

The reason it will never happen is that everyone wants a quick solution and doesn't want to be away from the internet or the smart phone for something as boring as a walk with their dog.

Dogs are now considered a status symbol or something the family has, rather than getting one and doing what is best for the dog (WALKING IT).


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