The Melbourne Dog Lovers show a success for Healthy Dog Treats and rescue dogs!

Katrina Warren vet at the Melbourne Doglovers showAs a pro dog walker, it was gratifying seeing so many people at the Melbourne Dog lovers show. Not only were people buying product, but they were also taking on board rescue dogs as pets.

There is only one big down side of this, as per people buying dogs as gifts at Christmas time.

No matter where our how you get a dog, if if is going to be healthy and happy it really needs a daily dog walk. That is a minimum requirement.

There is NO maximum dog walk requirement.  Wolves and dogs in the wild can walk up to ten hours per day, sometimes running, in the hunt for food. That is what an off lead dog walk in a dog park simulates. It gets any dog in touch with its primal self and makes the dogs happy and satisfied.

Elsewhere on this website I give many reasons, back up by dog behaviourist professional opinions as to why a daily off lead dog walk is vital to the wellbeing of a dog.

But even at the simplest level, consider what it gives a human.

Do you have a problem with dogs barking, digging and being sad? An  off lead dog walk will fix that.

Do you hate dog poo in your yard? A dog walked regularly prefers to poo outside of the yard.

Do you hate vet bills? Dogs walked regularly are healthier mentally and physically.

Cant take your dog anywhere because it is not social. Slowly integrating a dog (first by walking a dog on lead, then eventually off lead) will make them social and cafe friendly (outside usually).

Dog Walkers Melbourne New ManagementSaving a rescue dog is only saved if walked regularly

Many people have the opinion that saving a dog means taking it off the shelters books. By giving it a safe big back yard and a square meal per day.

That is not saving a dog, that is delaying its death. Saving a rescue dog means being a responsible dog owner and letting that dog get safely in touch with its own species, daily.

A recued dog may be fearful, anxious or even aggressive. it can take a while to rehabilitate a dog, but seeing your dog truly happy, in all situations is truly worth it.

If you cannot mange to walk a dog off lead each day, consider employing a proven professional dog walking company such as us!


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