Mick Malthouse and the reason why he doesnt have a dog

happy dogs not owned by mick malthouseDoes Mick Malthouse own a dog and why wasn't he walking it?

No doubting it I am a Carlton fan, and we have not seen a lot of improvement over the last few years since Mick Malthouse took over.

In Melbourne Aussie rules is a big thing, and Mick Malthouse has been one of the biggest coaches of all time in that game.

Two years ago when he took over the coaching of Carlton role (2013), a lot of people believed he could do the same as he did at Collingwood. He could revive a lack-lustre team and even give them a shot at the title.

May 26 2015 is the date when that dream came to an end. A lot of Carlton supporters are sad or angry about how it came to an end, blaming administration and the media as much as the performance of the team as to why he was sacked. I haven't been particularly impressed with any of the coaches over the last ten years.

Mick Maltese and his imaginary dog walks

The one thing I was puzzled by recently was whenever someone was interviewing Mick, on his morning walk, he just kept focussing on how much he was enjoying his walk through the park on his way to work. Well today (27th of May) he was just focussing on the walk, since he no longer works at Carlton, but you get the idea that he really loves his walks.

I have searched google as much as I can to find the answer as to whether he has a dog, but all I can find is the names of his family members etc.

Being such a busy man, even though he regularly loves a walk in the park, it is probably a very good idea that he doesn't own a dog (assuming he doesnt). Dogs are a greater commitment then being a coach for a major football team. Because while fans are upset that the teams don't win as much as they would like them to, fans can walk themselves or take their own dogs for a walk each day. Fans can listen to the game on radios while they walk their dogs. They can walk also with or without a dog.

 It just seemed such a shame when I kept hearing radio broadcasts of Mick ducking questions about his performance while he was walking in the park, that he didn't have a dog on a lead to legitimise his walk, to multi task, to perhaps humanise him a little more.

Mick's record in coaching will stand for itself, and the fans that he has helped enjoy their teams win flags over the year, will have nothing but praise to say about the man.  All I can say now, as a Carlton supporter is,  why didn't you have a dog, and if you do, why didn't you walk it more in the park? I am ready to stand corrected on either of these points !


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