Why people with powerful breed dogs know why they have to walk their dog

Husky and bull terrier checking each other outSome breeds have been bred to fight, and some unscrupulous people still force their dogs to be aggressive to protect their illegal activities. 

Good breeders of dogs with very powerful bodies and jaws and a great capacity to kill animals have learnt to suppress fighting personalities in dogs they breed for companion animals.

Then there are some breeds such as Huskies that have been around for thousands of years would not be the full animal if breeders messed with too many traits. They were not bred to fight, they were a working dog in the snow. I am all for breeders getting rid of high levels of aggression, but that is a very subjective breeding program based on observation and not science anyway. That is another whole article

The English bull terrier dog Versus the Husky and Malamute

Today on an off lead dog walk, we came across Simba, a very tame giant male 2 year old malamute and a similar age Husky named Holly. They are very social dogs regardless of their dna being one of the closest to their wolf ancestors. The closer the dna the more likely you will have a dog with high prey instinct and independence (often seen as stubbornness in training).

But it is precisely because of the dedication of their owners (including during the vital 3-6 month of age puppy socialisation period) that these dogs can roam free and are a delight in the dog parks.  You will know the difference between these dogs that love humans and dogs alike, and other versions of their breed that are rarely let out in the parks, and when they do, can cause significant trouble.

The dogs in these images are testament to the value of daily off lead dog walking. That these dogs are powerful, independent and have dna linked closely to the wolf can be some of the friendliest in the park is due to the socialisation, daily.

And this is true for almost ALL dog breeds.

The English bull terrier was once a hardened fighter, they can be very loyal and guard their owner, but they don't have guard dog specific traits.  The bull terrier was bred down in size from its original relatively large size to be more manageable for owners.  The one in this photo is about 8 years old and I have only every seen this dog be social - again it is walked most days of the week and also by dog walkers in our area.

malamute playingBanning certain dog breeds

One website I found says that these dog breeds are banned for import into Australia

Dogo Argentino

Dogo Canario

Fila Brasileiro (Brazilian Mastiff)

Pibull Terrier

Tosa Inu

Most likely you have only heard of one of these breeds, and its the one that Cesar milan is so fond of. The continuing battle in Australia for banning certain dog breeds is often given the counter argument that it is not the dog breeds but the stupidity of some owners. Unfortunately some of the most irresponsible owners seem to  mostly be attracted to the most dangerous breeds thus reinforcing the stero-type. If you get a powerful of dangerous breed dog, and never socialise it for fear of the harm that it could do or that could happen to it, you are guaranteeing that when it does get out of your property it will cause damage.

Excluding the banned breeds (that are banned in many countries across the world) most of the dogs allowed in Australia can learn to be good citizens in dogs parks, as are the dogs in this article, if walked daily off lead (once social).  They can always be walked with a strong bite muzzle if  almost fully social and the owners are trying the final few percent.

The issue for most of these owners is that they say they don't have the time, and council will not enforce that dogs are socialised so we often have these issues continuing forever ...


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