Dog Walking in Broken Hill and Archie's big mud puddle adventure

dog walking in broken hillDog Walking in Broken Hill off lead and mud puddles

Ordinarily a dog running in a mud puddle in an outback town might not make the news, so I am changing all that right here.

Recently I travelled to broken hill for a week and brought my dog Archie along with me. I was fortunate enough that an old friend of mine, terry, was also regularly taking his dog and a friends dog (Pauly and Chuck) on morning walks.

You will see both of these dogs join Archie occasionally in the video (Chucks owner didn't allow his dog in the puddle).

The reason that I filmed this puddle play is several fold. IT was a very different environment to the usual grass or beach dog play areas that Archie usually finds himself in each week. This is winter time, so we dont have to worry about snakes, and where the puddle was, there should have been little contamination or bad things in the water.

The puddle appeared after a heavy rainfall a few days before I arrived in Broken hill. With an average rainfall of less than 30 cm a year, big rainfalls that they experienced were welcome.  You will see in the video that Day 1 had a LOT of water in that puddle but even in winter day two had seen most of that evaporate or fall into the sun-baked soil. Day 3 and 4 were similar amounts of mud because of slight rainfall during the days during these periods.


On day 4 I show the longest zoomed in play in the mud for Archie. Most dogs love to play in mud, and as Archie is two water dogs in one (poodle and cocker spaniel) he revels in getting his feet wet when he can.

For a holiday treat, you couldn't have picked a better mid way stop than this very muddle puddle, in outback broken hill!


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