A Pro dog walker in cold weather makes owners and dogs happy

night time dogsPro Dog walkers in Melbourne's cold winter

It's probably a sign of age, but this year is the first year in a long time that I have felt the winter cold as being not that comfortable while dog walking. So for once I understand the typical owner's reservations about early morning foggy winter dog walks in the cold.

You would think that my business might pick up in the winter months as people go on holidays, or see their dog extra sad in the cold weather, or people don't want to get up in the dark and cold and walk their dogs before work, but that hasn't happened. It rarely does because people are not aware of what their dogs really need.

Some people, intellectually get that their dogs need walks, or even that they need it daily. But very few people are willing to put their time or their money towards making this happen.

I get the money thing, I don't get the time thing.  Time is what you make of it, what you want to priorities. If you prefer going to the movies and fine dining over walking your dog the answer is to get someone else, preferably off lead and professional to do the walks for you.

If you can't afford someone to walk your dogs after all those movies and fine dining (or even just paying the mortgage) then try and dog pool - have someone you are friends with take your dog occasionally.

For every problem in your world, there is a solution. And if you are not thinking enough about your dog to provide the best life you can for it, why have you got it?

Walking your own dog early in the morning safety tips

$1·         Go where the park is fenced in

$1·         Make sure the other dogs in the park are friendly

$1·         Wear warm clothes, waterproof and bright ones so you are seen

$1·         Walk at a reasonable pace to keep you and your dog warm - the whole point of the dog park is to have a dog explore, not stand around watching you having coffees.

$1·         You should be aware of dog body language and behaviour and estimate yourself if your dog should be playing with another dog or allow the dog to approach it.

$1·         Spend time midway through and the end of the dog walk allowing your dog to play with either you or other dogs. This is their play time and exercise time for the day, let them make the most of it.

I got into this business because I love dogs and want the best for all dogs, and the best is when they are social, because it means they are happy to be in almost every situation.  It takes some time to get your head around regular dog walks, let alone off lead dog walks, but go to any park where you see people happily walking their dogs, and just talk to them about the benefits.

Daily off lead dog walks make the most real benefits, tangible and intangible that your dog will ever get in its life  ... and remember, a happy dog always makes for a happy house.


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