Scared little dogs, scary big dogs and the truth in the middle

Tilly cute social happy dogIts funny how little credit most small dog owners give their dogs to sort out their own place in the world. How all the molly coddling, picking up in the park, yelling at other owners and dogs just destabilises everyone and everything in the vicinity.

This is not every little dog owner, but least a common perception many owners have in the dog parks.

If you have regularly watched my facebook page, you will know I regularly walk little dogs and often ones that are rescue dogs.

These dogs didn't often start out social, because who knows what the original dog owners did with them. But rescuing a dog and leaving it in your back yard just reinforces the dogs belief that the world and all dogs are scary !

If I dare challenge this concept of owners who have over protected their dogs, they will tell me about the one scare incidents or sometimes THREE that occurred to them and their dogs in the dog park. These massive big black dogs that came running over and sniffed their dogs!  How indignant, they just had to pick the little dog up!

I am clearly not preaching to the converted here, or telling those owners off in any negative way. Anyone can keep their beliefs about their dogs an take them to the grave - I can't change that. But I am here to do the best by every dog that is within my charge. And help any owner who is willing to talk and take steps to help their dogs, and which in turn will help the owner and everyone that they come in contact with.

What about big scary dogs in dog parks

Don't worry, I also hear it from the other side, the owners of the big cuddly cute black dogs that are yelled at by the owners of the small dogs.  The owners of the big dogs who tell me that lamb chops wouldn't melt in their dogs mouths.

And somewhere in the middle lies the truth.

Most of the dog owners who I see regularly in the park, tend to have the closest perspective to the reality of the situation and what is really happening for their dogs and others dogs. One dog I met in the park today, who I will call Lily, because that is here name, is a lovely large dog that often gets misinterpreted on firset site, just because of her size, not even her breed or her actions. Today she had some wrestles with another big dog, that wanted to play, but mostly chased butterflies. Some butterflies were harmed, but most people see this as an acceptable risk in a dog park.

The fact is that friendly social dog play is what all dog owners want in the dog park. 

A good dog park - the ones I visit anyway, have responsible owners who cooperate and act civilly towards each other. They realize that dogs should be off lead in off lead dog parks, and there should be no aggression. Sniffing is not aggression. If they don't like dogs sniffing their dog, they will need to work up to being in an off lead dog park.

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