Two Vizsla and a pointer walk into a dog park, and have fun

Roger and Sam vizsla and pointerYou know this kind of heading never makes the daily news, but it should.

Did you know that Vizsla dogs are a form of pointer? Did you know that pointers are incredible hunters with amazing stamina? Did you know that many people in urban areas own many hunting dogs without knowing about it, or that their dogs need energy releases to remain healthy?

The three dogs you see in these images are very healthy and very social, for a very simple reason, their owners care enough about them to walk them EVERY DAY.

I dont walk these dogs, and for most people owning vizsla or pointers is out of the question due to their massive endurance.  These dogs are not puppies anymore (well Roger is still very young) but they continue to play and be very social.

This is because they are walked by caring and knowledgeable owners who give them the support and opportunity to play and be friendly.

Some people think that Vizsla and pointers are aloof, but that is mainly if they have met ones that are not socialised enough. These dogs are ultimate family pets and love to play goofy roll around puppy style well into their mature years.

 While these images were taken after the dogs had a long walk, you can see that they still have a lot of energy left.

When I walk dogs in a dog park, I always make sure that they have done enough general laps and exploration before they have a big play, as without that sometimes the dogs energy can lead them to being a little rough. And without the walk, they usually don't burn enough energy before the play. Ideally dogs should play in a relaxed state of mind and in relaxed physical form.

two vizsla one ponterI have been going weekly to this park and have seen these dogs for quite a few years of my visits. They meet up with all different breeds with all different levels of play.  They adjust, work out who wants to play, and engage if they know the other dog is willing.

The only bit of extra information missing from these photos is that one of the vizsla's lives with Sam the English pointer. That vizsla is still a puppy and so its interaction with Sam and the other Viszla is altered depending on the dominance hierarchy and who wants to protect who in the play.

You see many amazing dog dynamics at the park, but very few as exciting or fun as watching vizsla and pointers play.


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