WHAT is your NEW YEARS dog walking resolution?

happy dog walked dogFor a nation (Australia) so hell bent on saying that we are a dog loving nation, its remarkable how few dogs get a daily morning off lead dog walk.

Besides the fact that I am a dog walker, any dog behaviourist that is still in business will let you know that most of the problems that they see are side effects of dogs not being walked.

Many of the problems that vets see in Australia are a result of dogs not being walked. Obesity, boredom, anti social behaviour leading to dog bites , in fact 99% of problems, like in humans, can be traced back to adequate exercise and diet. At least while we are young. And when we are old, just like our dogs, that exercise and socialisation might be even more important !

What is your New Years 2016 Dog walk resolution?

Have you got one for your dog and your own health? For your dogs physical and mental well being and your own?  Its amazing how soon so many of my new dog clients are amazed at the changes in their own dogs, yet so amazing at the number of people that rarely walk their dog regularly.

For a dog to really benefit it needs to be with a pack, not necessarily the same pack each time, not in the same place, but with a pack of dogs off lead, doing its thing. But even just you and your dog can form a 'dog pack'.

if you made a drunken resolution at midnight 31 December 2015 - chances are that you are not taking that resolution seriously.  But even if you do manage to, chances are that the resolution was not about your dog, our dogs are loved but not high on most people's list when it comes to real time and commitment.

And for the handful of people that you will see regularly at dog parks in the mornings, you can bet that half of them won't be there as soon as it gets too hot, too cold, too wet, too windy, holiday season, well any reason to sleep in or be somewhere else.

The reason is that yes we all have other things to do, but most people don't understand that their dog is a sentient very intelligent being that is completely reliant on us giving them their exercise and social contacts,

A dog locked up in a small or large yard, by itself, or with ten other dogs still needs to get out to a dog park and make new connections and smell new smells to stay young and healthy.

I rarely give a decent rant in the park to people, because everyone is trying their best, and the people in the park are at least committed enough to be there that morning.

Many people find it hard to make time to exercise, and don't always find it enjoyable, and yet that is a great reason, or excuse for taking your dog out and seeing how much fun they have. Live vicariously through their eyes, and share that common experience.

Try it at least for one month of 2016 and it might change both of your lives positively forever - and the greatest thing is that the most that its likely to cost you is a few dollars of petrol money per week !


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