Dog walking and the I dont wanna morning blues

 happy walked golden retrieverWhile January is supposed to be a fresh start to the new year, and many people are just getting back from holiday, many people didn't take their dogs with them.

For many dogs Christmas and January is the saddest time of the year. Not only were they not walked all last year, but this month they are in some god forsaken kennel (rather than our premium quality low cost 24 dog minding solution).

And typically the way that the year starts is that after all that holiday and fun, people start work again and have to feign being all serious about making their boss lots of money. Put more hours in attend more meetings and become further distanced from their best friend (their dog that is, not the boss).

Dog walking, more excuses than any other activity (except the gym)

And in Australia the southern hemisphere disposition makes it even more difficult for dogs.  Higher rotation social media stories about snakes are making the rounds to make people comfortable about not taking their dogs for a walk.

Then there is the likely heat haze that comes in January and February - so many reasons why we can't possibly take a dog for a walk.

Taking a dog for a walk is not serious business, and we are alive to be a slave to someone else's business.

For the corporate high flyers out there, we can take care of your doggy business. We can walk your beloved pooch, and make your house right again.  For overworked mums with too many children demanding too many things, we also take care of your dog. People infirmed in some way or other can be looked after (well their dog that is).

If you Google human depression and dog walking you will read some great articles about how the simple act of bonding with our dog and getting your blood flowing can do natural wonders for your mood. It can correct serious chemical imbalances, but for the summer blues, post holiday depression, it can work wonders.

If you want your dog to be really happy, and have limited money and can't walk them every morning of the week - the best thing you can do for your dog is get the on a twice or three times a week pro dog walking schedule, and you fill in the odd days.

Don't buy your dog more toys, don't taken them for more grooming sessions (wash them on the weekend at home). There is little that you can do that your dog will love more than if you or someone else takes them for an off lead walk (once they have the recall) and feed them a little more meat in their diet.  That's the big secret to a longer happier dog life in Melbourne Australia, VERY simple, very hard to do, or so it seems ...


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