The shocking truth about dogs, why they get dirty !

three small dogs getting very dirtyEvery heard of the expression "dirty dog".  I hate it because it is mostly used in modern times to be demeaning to someone - like the majority of dog phrases in the English language. 

But the thing I hate even more is that so many people are so 'clean' that they NEVER let their dogs get dirty. I am sure there are many reasons besides these negative impressions too.

Yes its a pain to clean up, no you don't want it in your house. No its not always healthy for a dog .. BUT why not go somewhere swampy like the dogs in this photograph, then let them wash themselves off in the clean water further down the beach?


Again, as a dog walker I don't advocate dogs doing this in my dog pack - because I am not their owner.  But on occasion dogs do get away from the pack find that stink and roll in it.

A lot of people think that this is just bad behaviour, or that they are doing something against them because they don't like being controlled. I don't tell everyone that its not always about them, but in this case it isn't that reason.

Long ago as wolves, dogs learned that if they could track prey by smell, they could also be given away to prey by their own smell.  Hence the delight that many dogs get in rolling in stinky stuff that is not their scent, so they can full all future prey targets and creep up on them to catch them.

As far as water goes, ever dog is different. Even water dogs (a class of retriever based on retrieving mostly bird game in swamps) will not always like water unless they have been sufficiently exposed in a fun way when they are young. That said, on a hot day, most dogs at least enjoy immersing their feet in water, even if it is black muddy water, so that they can cool off. A dogs paw pads are one of the few areas on their bodies that they can sweat and gain over-heating relief, so being able to cool these pads does make them feel much cooler.

The ironic thing is that I can bring a whole pack back from the beach where they have immersed themselves completely in water, or at least halfway up their body, but the are completely against the idea of getting back on clean water at home.

I can't but think that they know precisely the intention of you wanting to wash their stinky coat clean, and they just want to keep it for as long as they can, because you know, the prey stuff !


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