Am I the only dog person who didnt like the superbowl 50 dachshund advert?

superbowl 50 hotdog stillI can tell you that there is overwhelming "support" for the super bowl 50 Heinz dachshunds advert, because clearly it tickled a funny bone in many humans.

Here are some facts about dogs and dachshunds that people should consider as they laugh along to these hilarious 30 seconds of adverts:

1  only 25% of households own a dog

2  Less than 5% of people walk their dogs EVERY DAY off lead.

3 The dachshund  is a relatively rare dog these days, and often bred for show purposes with little specific care to breeding for a strong back.

4  People love to humanise dogs, so that they can be there play thing, the rarely walk them off lead

5  Ads are made to grab attention and make money, they are not there as any shining start of morality.


As a FULL time PRO dog walker, I have quite a different view of dogs than most people it would seem. I see so few dogs walked regularly off lead in dog parks, that I realise that over the last 20 year of the internet's rise, that very few people schedule time for things that are not on a screen.

I believe dogs are noble, I believe dogs need to be exercised off lead every day.

I believe that any advert that makes fun of a dog is demeaning to the dog and is likely to lead to people to be indifferent or more cruel to dogs as we see them again as more of a fun or thing to be poked fun at , rather than the noble species HUMANS created and shaped into whatever form we wanted.

That was what we used to do, dogs were bred specifically to work for us and be rewarded for their work, now most breeders just shape dogs for SHOW purposes, for the amusement of other people again. There are breeds like German Shepherds for instance that are shaped as SHOW DOGS, so that they can't walk or run properly.

I am not sure how many dachshund  owners thought how clever or lovely the very witty depiction of the dachshund as their colloquial term 'sausage dog was. But again I wonder how many dachshund owners walk their dogs off lead every day for social development and their need to join a pack.

I see dachshunds walked in the park, and most of the ones I see are very social, but that is the work of these few dedicated owners, not of all of the owners as a whole.

For those who don't know about the dachshund shape, these fierce dogs were successively breed down to have shorter and shorter legs so they could retrieve vermin from down narrow holes. They had to attack many vicious types of vermin head on in small spaces in the dark. They are a very brave dog.

Lately however the shape, and often poor breeding practices where the dogs are almost exclusively bred for companionship rather than hunting, and lack of exercise (that would strengthen their back and legs), has meant that many dachshunds  suffer back problems and many become paralysed.

"As a breed, dachshunds are extremely prone to injuring their backs. Specifically this involves a herniation of one of the discs between the vertebrae in their back The nerve damage can affect anything behind the injury, causing paralysis, inability to defecate, and inability to urinate. Depending on how severe the injury is, it can look like anything from difficulty standing, instability in the back legs, or full paralysis.  There are some things you can do to lower the risks. Keep your dachshund's weight normal, as any extra weight will put additional stress on the spine"

By the way, daily off lead dog walks, and meat based dog food, rather than grain based kibble would go a long way to solve this issues, but only 5% of so of the population do these things for any dog.

Now consider the superbowl advert in light of this new information. How funny is the reality of the dog species HUMANS CREATED, and have now mostly abandoned, except to be use in commercials  to be poked fun at ?

A seemingly humorous ad, making fun of a proud breed of dogs that already have enough of an image problem, just ads mis-informed humour into society, rather than gaining one second of enhanced respect for these amazing dogs and dogs in general.

No wonder there are so many dog cruelty cases worldwide and laws allowing people to tie up dogs to stakes in all kinds of whether in many states in America still.

On face value, yes the ad can be considered humorous, I get the ad makers intention (make money, use a PRODUCT) repeat.  But when it involves belittling dogs even further than the lowest rank they have reached in society, I don't find it all that funny anymore.

Why use cute dogs in hot dog costumes to sell a mystery meat package?

And why would ad experts be called in to sell something so obviously delicious as hot dogs?  A 2015 UK telegraph report said that " the company found human DNA in 2% of its hot dog samples ... - the researchers claimed that the human DNA most likely came from hygiene issues, so saliva and other bodily fluids along the production line."

And here is my favourite, NONE of the major search results for the super bowl commercial mentioned a dachshund breed at all. So consumed in the fun of the advert, they were all referred to as colloquial terms to perhaps take our mind off the fact they are real dogs with real needs, not just ad exec play things and for your amusement.

Examples of the super bowl 50 advert titles for Heinz

$1·         Heinz Super Bowl ad features cute stampede of wiener dogs

$1·         Hilarious Wiener Dog Stampede In Heinz Super Bowl Ad

$1·         WATCH: Heinz ‘Wiener Stampede’ Super Bowl 2016 Hot Dog Commercial


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