Ollie the puppy and what puppies get from regular off lead dog walks

benefits of puppy off lead dog walkingThis article takes a look at the lighter side of dog play - puppies.

The puppy in this photo is called Ollie and she is a very excitable French bulldog.

I have only recently learned that the French bulldog looks very similar to the boston terrier, but that is for another time.

We get to walk Ollie sporadically due to the owners work schedule but know that when she does come along with us, that in her mind its all about play.

Puppies can come in the full range of dog energy levels from completely submissive to dominant. From anxious to aggressive.  Ollie is a shy dog to start with but when she gets into the swing of the park she loves to roll around and run around other playing dogs, but mostly puppies (but of any size).

She lives in an apartment, so socialisation, and the ability to run on open fields to help developer her bones and leg muscles is very important to her.

Like most dogs confined to relatively small spaces exercise is very important to Ollie, but so is the socialisation aspect.

We notice that often for a considerable start to her walks that Ollie is often timid or has a level of anxiety that some dogs not regularly socialised will pick up, but that can be reduced or eradicated with enough off lead dog walks in friendly parks.

It is often very hard for owners to let go of their precious dogs, their family members, because understandably they want to know that their dogs are having a good time and being cared for as much as they do. But the reality is that walking a dog with a pro dog walker can often provide much more than an owner themselves can, because the pro dog walker will not come with anxiety baggage of the over concern for their dog that will often drive their dogs anxiety in the first place.

And when a dog gets to walk with a very confident social dog pack, they get to experience first-hand what it is like to be social, and they usually become social themselves though the body language and interaction.

So you can see that its not just a matter of letting a dog run off lead in any park, with any supervision. it takes a trained 'dog person' going to the right parks and knowing when to guide dog play that can make all of the difference, particularly for puppies in their very formative dog socialisation years.

For dog owners who are very experienced with socialisation and can leave their own anxieties at home when out with their dogs, we still provide a very safe regular pack walk and play environment that will give the dog exercise and will drain their brain of excess energy that will make the dog calmer and less bored at home.

There are very few ailments that regular off lead dog walks can assist. And for busy people who can't always walk their dog in the morning or the middle of the day, our daily dog walk options, or pet sites, including 24 hour sitting, can be just what their dogs need !


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