The case for free medical treatment for dogs

happy-regular-walked-dogYou will see in many feeds from America that when a volunteer dog recue organisation are given dogs or they pick them up off the street, that these dogs are vaccinated, given surgery, de-sexed or whatever the dog needs to bring it back to health.  Basic necessary things. These are not like human cosmetic surgery 'needs', this is legitimate life and death or basic health needs.

You may also know that when you pick these dogs up, that a fair proportion of the costs are transferred to the new owner. which only seems fair right?

The issue is that once you own a dog, you are fully responsible for any vaccinations and expensive surgeries.  I am not saying that vets do not deserve to make money, however it seems that their fees have vastly outstripped the money that owners have to look after their dogs in many cases.

This is not a case of owners not caring.  Human 'essential services and general utilities', even rates have shot up so much over the last ten years, that holidays are now a luxury for many people and they just don't go on them. So unfortunately the dog is often at the bottom of the list of things that can be paid for.

Besides feeding your dog good food,  you should also as a minimum give them full flea and worm treatments which even on a monthly basis can coast more than $20 a month.

If you want private dog health insurance that might cost another $40 - $80 a month depending on age and breed of dog, and not all dogs can be covered.  There almost always seems a massive excess for claiming any insurance too - and I have heard that not all things paid for at vet visits are covered by all insurances.

The case for free dog healthcare in Australia

It is clear that a publically funded DOG medical insurance scheme like Medicare for humans would not work in America. You might have noticed that much of that country seemed to hated Obama's human medical safety net so much it barely passed legislation and the republicans continue to try and dismantle. They say that they are afraid it will take away their civil liberties to be sick and turn them all into socialists.

While in Australia we seem to have a political party that also believe in the economy and capitalist needs above all basic human needs too.  With all forms of politics swaying so far to the right it is clear in this political climate that a basic cover for dogs and cats is beyond most people's imagination. Of course all politicians can easily afford expensive operations for their dogs, so it doesn't cross their mind that the little people might have a need ...

If you have a dog that is sick and you are on low income, how do you raise $5k for a life saving operation for your dog?  Do you sell your car? Do you get a loan at 20% interest and not eat for a year?

This can be a hard decision for many people.

With one in four households having a pet, many of those who own one of the 3 million registered dogs in Australia can adequately look after their dogs medical needs. There is a chance that this is a real issue for many people secretly face, yet the question never gets serious raised.

Shame because man's best friend just doesn't have a voice for its basic justice at the moment


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