A little story about Jack and Dianne dogs. And why they need dog walking

social-happy-dogIn the ideal world all dogs would be walked every day. They would be social friendly and happy. They would be fit and would live as long as their genes could possibly have them live.

I know this because I walk dogs for a living, and have seen many incredible transformations.  Depending on where the dog starts, its breed, its home life, will depend on how long this transformation takes.  THAT plus how many times a  week the dog is walked off lead with other dogs in a pack.

The amazing thing is that while we are so internet obsessed, while we have disconnected from the real world so much, we marvel more at movies and hi-tech gadgets rather than the real world that dogs can get us connected with.

Even the most social dog will have a very hard time staying social or becoming more social with only one or two off lead dog walks per week.  If they are an exceptional dog to start with, or have a very relaxed nature  (as some breeds are prone to have) that can help mask any obvio9us signs of distress of boredom etc, but that often pushes down inside of a dog to give them early cancers etc  (just like a permanently stressed human).

You wont find many studies on this, because vets and celebrities don't make any money from walking dogs.  That is why they will talk about dog food and endorse grain foods but not talk about what dogs really need - regular off lead dog walks.

Walking daily in dog parks we usually see the very few regulars and a host of one off dog owners who are walking a dog for a rare treat on its day off.

I sometimes posit that the owners wouldn't like being locked in a room all day without internet or phone connection, not allowed to contact or see another human being - and they usually don't get that is what a dog being made to stay at home all day is doing.

Because human rights are always going to be way more significant that dog rights.

At the moment we all know about Oscars law, laws about freeing dogs from hot cars,  in some states in America there is legislation under way to stop dogs being tied up in the back yard all day.  But these are like keeping a dog on life support.

Great that these dog improvements are happening - but what about the 97% of dogs that don't get regular off lead dog walks every day or every second or third or fourth day?  How can saving a dog from a pound or from a puppy mill or a pet shop be considered a real rescue when you just swap the small prison for a larger one called a back yard?

If anyone read my blog regularly they might be shocked with the militant attitude that I sometimes adopt, but that comes with the territory with being a 100% supporter of dogs rights.  It may not get me extra business but you can understand once you have been to a dog park regularly and seen the incredible transformation of rescue dogs into free animals without anxiety, with improved physical and mental health, why I know it to be so important for EVERY living dog.


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