The joy of autumn Melbourne dog walks, all year round.

small-dog-dog-walkingIf you are a regular dog walker in dog parks, you will know this phenomenon.  Two times a year: spring and autumn a lot of people visit the park.  Its nice weather,  you want to get outside and the dog park seems like a good idea - and your dog seems to enjoy it.

We see a lot of different breed dogs, aged dogs and dogs of varying social skills.  Lots of puppies this time of  year that are of meek breeds that are learning how to be social, how to enjoy being around random dogs.  I love this time of year, why wouldn't you with such good weather.  Just a simple shirt of t-shirt and shorts, but yes winter is coming.

Soon from experience I know that dog walkers and dog numbers will drastically reduce. The weather will become colder and people will even stop walking their dogs around the block as much.  Its easier with lovely mild breeds like cavoodles because they don't complain so much about their lack of exercise and socialisation.

Without large barking, boredom or aggression that really triggers the owners into recognising a problem, many owners get away with hibernating their dogs for six months of the year or more.

But dogs are not bears, they don't need hibernation, and lack of socialization for a pack animal damages that dogs mind. Boredom and lack of exercise reduces a dog fitness in many aspects and shortens their lives.

If you don't walk dogs regularly, you probably don't even know what a major difference three walks with pro dog walker per week and three by the owner will do for that dog. Many people think you have to be a 'dog person' or a 'fanatic' to walk a dog daily.  No, you are just giving the dog what they NEED (its not an optional want).

I personally don't get it how people can't get how boring a domestic dogs life will become locked in a yard for more of their day - whether you work from home or not, that dog isn't meeting its own kind. Isn't getting to sniff and do dog things. They can't take control of their own life with the freedom of off lead walking.  They often take on prisoner behaviours like yard guarding and food guarding more ..

How does a dog that doesn't do off lead walks regularly understand what the world is about? Is the world about fences and house rooms? TV, commercial dog food and being told off ?

If your dog doesn't walk a lot, its lack of social walking off lead will turn into abnormal behaviours.  It isn't mixing with social dogs, isn't getting what it needs, so it will try and let the owner know its having a bad time by acting out - just like teenagers. But even teenagers go to school and have time off for good behaviour on the weekend. They are allowed 'off the chain'.

You can like my Facebook page and see our daily photos and videos of our outings. But they are just the morning walks.  They are the highlights, the big play action shots, most of our walks are just walking! We mostly walk the same amount or more in the afternoons and sometimes include a third walk. My dog is nine years old, but acts like a five year old dog, because he has all of the exercise he needs, his social needs are being met and he is living on a raw meat diet. I also happen to sell the healthiest dog treats in Australia - all meat based.

I think about every dimension of a dogs health and happiness and its not about being locked in a pen in a commercial doggy day-care.  Its not about being feed expensive commercial dog food. Its not about a weekly dog groom and coming out smelling like roses.  its about the daily dog walk, and MEAT based food.  The rest of it is just trimming to make the humans feel good. 


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