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This statement, originally thought by many to be a US postal service motto, turns out to be a famous Greek saying (2,500 years old, thanks to Herodotus). The difference of course is that current postal guys have full wet weather gear, and don't have to contend with keeping the dog pack together and happy.

And of course our reward is having the fun of walking some beautiful dogs.

As spring comes around (eventually), many people think how great it would be to be a dog walker, forgetting that we have just come through a very cold and often wet or windy winter.  Our job is not a fair weather ONLY job.

And the reality is that most dogs don't care.

Most dog love routine, but they are often indifferent to the weather (except severe thunderstorms or extreme heat that we don't walk in.

And when I say "don't care", my dog sometimes looks at me sideways when we get to the park and there is a howling wind and some rain is falling, but he is ageing, and he is sitting in a nice air conditioned car.  The reality is that once he gets into the park its all about exploring and tracking friends or potential food.

Dogs that are social, that have had good  experiences in the park, crave being released for off-lead roaming EVERY DAY in the park.

Many people baulk at the concept that a dog benefits or needs a daily off lead experience, but I know some people who give their dogs five walks a day, so I know that one or two time every day is not an extreme notion.

If I told you that you were not able to communicate with any human or dog for 24 hours. That you had to stay at home, and all you had for entertainment was a rag rope and a soft ball, you might go stir crazy too, so I don't get how people can't understand the dogs basic needs. They are more of a pack animal than their owner!

I also understand that not everyone has the time to walk their dog, and not everyone has the budget to walk their dog every day of the week (if they cant manage it themselves).  But that is where we suggest walking your dog with a pro dog walker at least three times a week, and you take over the weekend work.

And if you have read this far, you are now either shaking your head in disbelief or nodding it in agreement.  The fact is that it doesn't really matter that much to me, as only very motivated clients who truly understand their dogs needs will ever get in touch with me. 

It takes a lot to admit that you can't handle all of your dogs needs yourself, and to understand that there are people who have a day job for the exact need that you have.

Things that stop women getting a pro dog walker

Most it seems to be not understanding dogs, or male ego.

If you understand dogs, and cant take yours for a substantial off lead dog walk in the mornings before work, then it appears that aussie men might be a little stubborn to admit they need assistance. PS I have been to many dog parks, and am pretty sure that not every dog is walked every morning, by every male owner ...  (apologies and kudos to those that do ! )

Things that stop women getting a pro dog walker

As the majority of our enquiries are from women, I sense that they have a better understanding of their dogs needs even if they don't know that we are going to multiply their original estimates of the value by ten, at least.

A lot of women understand that their dogs will get bored, and that they need a friend, or a long walk will reduce their dogs likelihood or wrecking the house and garden. And they are pretty right. However seeing a dog massively improve its social understanding of how to greet dogs and people in the park and in busy streets, is often a next level benefit that most people dont expect.

PS the gender descriptions above are purely anecdotal and don't represent every person alive ... however from my client list of the last few years, it would appear that the resistance has very little do to with knowing the amazing benefits their dogs can walk by walking in a social dog pack, its infinitely better than any on lead walking- except maybe time wise.


THIS is what we call creating a balanced dog.  You can't train a dog to be balanced.

You can't force a dog to be balanced, but dogs are smart and pick up a lot from a balanced pack of dogs that most pro dog walkers have.

So once you have done your sums and worked out how much you can afford to let your dog become the best dog it can be, and totally balanced, please contact us and let us know how we can help !


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