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Blitz has been in the capable hands of Bruce for 2 years now enjoying regular walks and even a swim now and then. Two years ago blitz suffered anxiety and would not settle if I left him for long periods. He would destroy things around the yard and try and find a way of getting out.

I decided to go with a dog walker and found Bruce, from the time blitz first met Bruce his behaviour started to change and he became a very settled dog so much so that I went back to work. Blitz just sleeps and lays out in the sun but he knows when its walking days with Bruce he senses it and becomes excited and waits at the closed gate looking out waiting to hear bruce's car pull up. As soon as they meet, blitz gets so excited he can’t wait to get in that car and go.

Blitz is so happy and contented these days and has interacted with all dogs he meets on his outings it’s amazing to watch I can’t thank Bruce enough for his commitment to blitz and his general knowledge about dogs is fantastic. For myself I’m glad blitz gets regular exercise and its peace of mind for me not having  to worry about him.

Marilyn M, Altona Meadows. (BLITZ)


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