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Tess the bearded collie/border collie retrieves with pin point precision

While the origins of the bearded collie go back to Scotland over 500 years ago, they were almost extinct during world war 2.

One of the main things its bio comes up with is that these dogs don't like to be confined and that they are high energy, this means lots of long runs and walks each day to keep them happy.

You will see from this girl that her zest to retrieve the ball hardly diminishes over all of the retrieves, and that these were not all sequential video snippets. So amazing energy is shown for the entire length of this video

Like many borders she is obsessive over tennis balls. But she can be persuaded to drop the ball for a snuggle and pat.

Her intensity of her body language on demanding the ball be thrown and the intensity of her eyes is simply amazing.

Initially on the throws you will see that she cleverly drops the ball and uses her forward momentum to let the ball roll directly into me, increasing the chances that I will throw it again. As time progresses and she becomes impatient with the time I take to throw the ball  she manufactures some interesting behaviour.

To gain more control over the game when I was taking too long to throw it, she decided that when she returns the ball that she will chomp on it for a while. This gives her some great tactile pleasure, burns energy, puts her scent and ownership on it, and lets her control when I can have it.

A border collie and a bearded collie know all about control, they use their high intelligence to convince flocks of sheep to go exactly where they want to. So when Tess has had enough of this game, she also takes her ball with her and lies down taking a breather.

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