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The massive benefits of dog walking in inner west Melbourne

Today I met two such people.

One is Shirley. Her dog is old and had an accident that means that it cant walk too far. But she actually takes it to the park for a mini walk (even though it is blind) and then usually takes a neighbour's dog to the park for free, and does a few laps of the park to make sure the dog is properly exercised.

She doesnt do this all for her own health, but seeing how happy the dogs become, she does get mental health benefits out of it too. She does it out of compassion for dogs, and the owners. she is a real contributor to the community, one family at a time.

Another person I met today has become a friend of mine. He works hard and some might consider him to be a bit of a loner, but without taking the dog to the park, he might meet a lot less people in his daily work journeys. His dog is small and very timid, but the continual effort the owner is putting in, will encourage the dog to become more social and less afraid. By observation and the occasional interaction, as it overcomes its fears (from its previous owners lack of socialisation) will bring this dog around to enjoying life a lot more.

These things seem like simple things, or impossible things or irrelevant things, to people who dont own dogs, or who own dogs an don't walk them. The sad fact is that not everyone enjoys the outdoors, has the time, or has the understanding of the potential benefits to them, and the guaranteed benefits to their dog, of  a daily off lead dog walk.

The two owners I mentioned get it, that is why they continue the practice.


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