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Sometimes you just want to have fun on a dog walk

These are the people you see in parks during spring and autumn, and rarely at other times. The shame is that is often the only season that their dogs get anywhere near regular walks, even if it is on lead.

The other shame is that people have gotten so accustomed to "comfort" and air conditioning, that any time the weather is outside of an office environment temperature limits, they find it too uncomfortable for a dog walk!

This is just not about a set range of temperatures, as I don't walk dogs in heat either, but its about enjoying walks in mild rain or windy conditions, anything other than a 'perfect' day is often off limits for owners to go for a dog walk.

Dogs are very different from humans (well most except for the over pampered lounge dog set) and they want to get out and sniff in the park at all costs. If they are social they want to meet old friends and make new dog friends.

But back to today's walk. There were very few people around in the dog park today, because overnight there was some rain, and it appeared like there could be more. Well the weather forecast said that the rain had passed over, and there was nil chance of rain, but it is Melbourne after all.

There was a light breeze, but I enjoy that on a walk. In fact there was no good reason for the park not being full of dogs and people (those who are not working in their offices or other jobs of course). And often in more fair weather I do see a lot more of these able bodied people out enjoying the dog park and their dogs socialising But today was not such a day.

Another thing is that I walk dogs without being constantly attached to my smart phone, I dont even have ear plugs in listening to my favourite tunes or talk back while walking dogs, because I want to be responsible and 'get' into the dogs world. I want to immerse myself in what they are doing and head off any potential trouble, but more than that I want to enjoy myself too.

Like yoga or meditation, walking a dog can be more about being in the moment than you might think. Concentrating on something in real time, enjoying it for the sameness and the differences of the previous day are there, but mostly its about what every dog is doing today and how they are relating to each other. How they are reacting TODAY.

All of this might seem very foreign to people who do not walk their dogs off lead every day, in a dog park, but for those of you who do, I and the dogs salute you!


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