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What happens to dog walks when it gets cold and dark in Melbourne

But the truth is for a happy balanced dog, they should walk regularly off lead and get to mix with other dogs.

For some bizarre reason, people in Melbourne assume just because they are happier wrapped up in the cotton wool of office heating, that their dogs prefer to stay in their kennels over the long dark depressing winters. Its like they forget dogs evolved from wolves and still have all the instinct and hunting skills of their ancestors if given half the chance. Sure some little lounge dogs are bred to be quieter, but they enjoy meeting dogs just as much as the big dogs in the dogpark.

The most certainly forget that the whole point of wolves evolving into dogs was to become more sociable with humans, but they still need daily contact with other dogs to make them mentally balanced. Do you as a pack animal enjoy meeting other human beings, even if it is online. Well dogs are more of a pack animal than human owners and deserve meeting up with their own kind more but usually get it much less.

 Winter is the perfect time for dogs because they cant overheat as easily. They can run as much as they wont and not worry about snakes or dehydration. They can have an absolute time of their lives, but owners just don't want to get up early to provide what their dogs NEED  (not want).

If you have a dog that is depressed, digging, barking, wanting to get out, they are telling you something about that need, they are not over acting. They need to socialise to make their life complete and make your life happier when you are both at home.

If you can't get up earlier in the mornings to walk and socialise your dogs before going to work, consider the alternatives - anything that gets your dog out regularly.


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