The joy of dog walking

Humans being humans best intentions rarely get people over the line of walking their dog daily.

Being told it is good for the dog and good for the owner rarely gets the job done either.

It is kind of like a meditation thing. Most people who keep meditation or doing yoga do it because they are hooked. They pushed through the initial inertia and found so many benefits they dont want to stop. They are getting so many endorphins that they are addicted the a thing that is actually good for them.

And so it is with dog walking.

It is probably much less glamorous walking any dog in a park, than dressing up in yoga gear and having a nice coffee afterwards but the reality is they come from a similar place.

Communing with nature, meeting nice people with a common interest, and just getting great vibes from other dogs who want to be patted just because you are a human is an amazing thing for most people.

What other animal willingly overrides any natural fear they might have for humans (considering that most large animals were nearly hunted to extinction before the 20th century) then you get a glimpse of how wonderful domestic dogs are.

Once you see how much joy your own dog gets from an off lead dog walk (because they are one of the greatest pack animals ever) that excitement and satisfaction usually rubs off on their owner.

trouble is that not everyone likes waking up early to walk their dog properly - hence the value of us dog walkers.

The image in this blog is of a little girl who had two dogs of her own, two working dogs, but still fell in love with Amy the bernese mountain dog. Kids who are taught at an early age about how great dogs are (and to ask permission from their own parents before patting) definitely get this thing. They have not had time to be jaded and lose sight of what is important.


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