Winter dog walks and learning to love walking your dog.

Retriever and sporting group dogs are probably the worst for their desire to roll in the dirtiest of puddles. But of course the dog is mostly doing it because its fun and feels good.  Like rolling on the grass, some do it to scratch an itch. Some do it to disguise their own smell so they can be better hunters (the same reason that they roll in smelly and dead things).

Owning a dog for most people is far more 'work' than they ever believed would be possible.  But I am of the opinion that if I am going to take on a dog and be responsible for its life, I am also responsible for its fitness and happiness, even if it does take my time.  They are a very sentient being, and are so devoted to us humans how can anyone justify just leaving them in the back yard like an ornament?

If I can't take my dog with me, and leave him with people who will walk him and look after him as good as I would. I never neglect my responsibility because I made that pack with my dog when we got him as a puppy.

Walking my dog is never a chore, it is a privilege. It is getting to know my dog better. It is bonding.  It is anything but work.  Its a mindset that all good dog owners and walkers soon learn to have.

The world would be a far better place if people understood dogs more and walked their dogs more. There would be more honesty and looking after the pack of humans on earth. I love learning each day from my sampling of their off lead behaviour in the parks. That is a wonderful life.


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