Transcendental meditation and the art of dog walking in Melbourne

Unfortunately this is a massively wasted opportunity for the owner to get in touch with nature and bond with their dog. Their 'multi tasking' is profoundly diminishing the enjoyment of the dog, just as it would if they ignored their children like this in the park - as many people do.  Focussing on the task at hand has its own rewards.

2                          To properly walk your dog you need to be stress free, anxiety free, in a state of just being present. Exactly the same state that transcendental meditation tries to achieve.  The reason that you want to do this, is that you want to be the pack leader of your dog, and you dont want to pass your anxieties about the park or their potential encounters because then you will manifest bad encounters, potentially. Your dog will pick up on your bad 'vibes' and become unsettled, causing other dogs to be unsettled around them. Yes an obvious ripple effect, my butterfly winged friend.

If you have every tried to regularly do meditation, you will know how hard 'doing nothing' actually is, its about stilling the mind, which for busy people in the information age can be a very hard task for many.

And that is why dog walking can be so brilliant for so many people's health. Like a dog, its not always so much about the exercise. Its about the state of mind of the dog and the owner.  Being clear, dispassionate, worry free is the state you want to bring to the park, and the state that walking in the park can achieve.

There are very few walking activities (including golf) that can be as relaxing as walking a dog, and good for your mind, when done 'right'.


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