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Neither snow, nor rain stops the pro dog walker

melbourne australia dog park
This statement, originally thought by many to be a US postal service motto, turns out to be a famous Greek saying (2,500 years old, thanks to Herodotus). The difference of course is that current postal guys have full wet weather gear, and don't have to contend with keeping the dog pack together and happy.

And of course our reward is having the fun of walking some beautiful dogs.

As spring comes around (eventually), many people think how great it would be to be a dog walker, forgetting that we have just come through a very cold and often wet or windy winter.  Our job is not a fair weather ONLY job.

And the reality is that most dogs don't care.

Most dog love routine, but they are often indifferent to the weather (except severe thunderstorms or extreme heat that we don't walk in.

And when I say "don't care", my dog sometimes looks at me sideways when we get to the park and there is a howling wind and some rain is falling, but he is ageing, and he is sitting in a nice air conditioned car.  The reality is that once he gets into the park its all about exploring and tracking friends or potential food.

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Why I am a professional dog walker

dogpark-dogsI definitely didn't go into this job to decrease my wage to a quarter, that was just a side effect. I originally became a pro dog walker, because working in the corporate world, one driven by greed and one where NONE of the major companies I worked for actually cared about the customers, was soul destroying enough.

I also quickly realised that I couldn't give my dog enough time (morning off lead walks when they really need them), and there were few people around that were reliable and understanding enough of what dogs needed.  That is, the amount of freedom and discipline (on lead time, recall etc) that goes to make a great happy dog.

The fact is, that there are very few jobs you can do as rewarding (not financially) and fun, and being responsible as a dog walker.  Some owners might assume that its just a walk in the park, but we go in all weather, and we are responsible that the whole pack is having a good time and learning or getting something profound from each of their walks.

While dog training is an 'in the moment thing', a few sessions with a pro who then leaves your house, or you leave their premises - it often doesnt 'stick'.  And it can never replace regular off lead walks for making and keeping a dog balanced. Proper professional dog walking is teaching a dog to be social EVERY week of its life. 

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Hay fever reduction for Dogs in Melbourne - anti-histamine dosage levels

Happy Tilly and Pippa dogs no hayfeverIf you walk your dogs in Melbourne in 2017 spring, you the owner and your dog might have some effects of hay-fever. In this article we look at common over-the-counter 'human' grade anti -histamines you can use with dogs, and their benefits and side effects.

Hayfever effects can come on later in life with humans, and so with dogs.

Signs are often:
  • sneezing,
  • itching,
  • red skin and eyes,
  • eye discharge etc.

Note itching and skin allergy like symptoms can be the result of organ or gland issues, so its always advisable to see a vet to confirm the cause.


One of the glamour oils of the dog industry, and vital for many functions within a dogs body. However if you get the dosage and ratio right (to omega 6 amounts) it can considerably reduce inflammation issues and skin allergies on dogs (around 50%) have very positive reduction in allergy effects.

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A prep course for owners of dogs who are starting walking in Melbourne.

a lovely cavoodle dogVery recently I have had a good few FREE consultations with prospective clients for dog walks, and it's reminded me of some of the common concerns that owners have. So I thought I would explain what off lead dog walking does for dogs here.

These dogs are mostly small to mid-sized dogs, so I will mainly be addressing the issues that those owners have.

1                    Small, fragile puppy

Many owners get a puppy from a shop or a rescue group and quickly realise that their energy when they leave the at home to go to work ends up wrecking much of the house. Dogs chew from boredom and for teething issues mostly, and while walks won't prevent teething, we can recommend Healthy Dog Treats chews to assist natural chewing and great nutrition.

The puppies are almost invariably innocent looking, fun and happy, but there is a critical window between weening/ new owners getting their dog, and the 4 month time when they need to be with other dogs to learn appropriate social norms.

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The eye of the tiger dog on the Melbourne dog walk

the chihuahua eye close upThis is a close up of Kooper the Chihuahua's eye. He is part of our Wednesday pack at the moment.

While I think its a good photo, it gives me a launching point to discuss the world form the dogs eye view.

Firstly the mechanics of the dog's vision.

It is more granular than a humans (not as high resolution) and doesnt see the red part of the spectrum, so  while we see:

 Red              orange    green   blue     indigo  violet

DOGS see:

Mellow yellow, mellow yellow,  WHITE (instead of Green) then most of the blues until the indigo violet end that is some kind of grey.

That means that if you are wearing a red  or orange colour it kind of morphs with every other red orange and yellow into the same light yellow colour making you kind of camouflaged.

The lovely green grass that we take for granted your dog sees as WHITE.

Isn't that really an amazingly different view of the world?  All those colour dog beds and toys we buy our dogs at a premium which they literally can't see as the colour we chose.

Their vision is much better than ours at night time, but I am discussing Kooper's eye view during his morning dog walks with the pack in Melbourne.

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The fast, the furious, the calm and the serene - dog walks for all.

big fun dogs playingThe one thing that I wasn't expecting is that pictures of dogs having fun and playing hard together would turn people off so much. They always get the lowest number of clicks on social media. Its like they get mistaken for a fight. I don't take or post pictures of dog fights. I rarely see dog fights.  I personally love dogs playing hard and having the time of their life. Burning the very last of their energy and coming home to rest and be calm, having earned that rest.

Its true that not all dogs are up for that. Some dogs are naturally timid, some dogs too young, some too old. Dogs have the same wide spectrum of 'personalities' that their human owners have.

Then I got that many walkers are females who can be intimidated or downright scared of high speed fast moving dogs either harming themselves or the humans around them. If you have ever suffered a high speed dog running into you it can be more traumatic than the worst sporting injury that you have ever had.

If you expect that to happen, have had it happen, or generally don't get the whole mad dog play, then yes full on play can seem quite scary to quite a few people. That includes men, women and children alike.

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The joy of autumn Melbourne dog walks, all year round.

small-dog-dog-walkingIf you are a regular dog walker in dog parks, you will know this phenomenon.  Two times a year: spring and autumn a lot of people visit the park.  Its nice weather,  you want to get outside and the dog park seems like a good idea - and your dog seems to enjoy it.

We see a lot of different breed dogs, aged dogs and dogs of varying social skills.  Lots of puppies this time of  year that are of meek breeds that are learning how to be social, how to enjoy being around random dogs.  I love this time of year, why wouldn't you with such good weather.  Just a simple shirt of t-shirt and shorts, but yes winter is coming.

Soon from experience I know that dog walkers and dog numbers will drastically reduce. The weather will become colder and people will even stop walking their dogs around the block as much.  Its easier with lovely mild breeds like cavoodles because they don't complain so much about their lack of exercise and socialisation.

Without large barking, boredom or aggression that really triggers the owners into recognising a problem, many owners get away with hibernating their dogs for six months of the year or more.

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Why dog pack walks makes for the world's happiest dogs !

happy-social-dogwalk-dogs dog walksCuriously when a person first visits a dog park, they are either scared of seeing so many dogs roaming free, or they get how wonderful it is that so many dogs are just being social.

When we onboard a dog into our packs, they often don't start out as the world's most social dog. If they don't regularly get exposure off lead to a variety of new social dogs, they will take time to adjust and understand what it is to be social.

A non social dog is the same as a non social person. Lock a person in isolation (including no internet or phone) and they will act anxious the first time they are exposed to a large group of social or non social people.  Humans and dogs not socialised, will have to usually choose between fight or flight, because it is very rare (except in some dog 'lounge' breeds) that a dog will have enough self awareness and confidence that it won't try and either attack or run from other dogs that it will see as threats.

And if you didn't know, this fight/ flight response is also the most unnatural thing in the world for a dog. Non experts in dog walking and dog socialisation, even within the dog industry, might tell you that socialisation is over rated, or that something else is more important.  Its not. Because a balanced dog, a social dog, is happy in physical form and in their head. They will also behave so much better in your home and when you go out. They will be the world's happiest dog - but it takes time, and it takes your commitment to continue their journey.

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Where have all of the dogs gone? Inner west Melbourne statistics

social-dogs-offlead-dogwalkingIn a world of over-crowding, and limited resources its a crying shame that dog parks are almost empty. 

If you go at peak hour in the mornings before people start work, you will see a few around but how many dogs does that mean are getting to play in off lead dog parks?

Lets see how many dogs regularly get walked off lead in the inner west of melbourne ...

  • Hobson Bay inner west Population 

  • Williamstown   11,400

  • newport  west  7,072

  • Altona North / Brooklyn  14,340.

  • Spotswood / South Kingsville  4,325. 

  • Total population of the inner south west of Melbourne =  37,000

  • Total dog population Australia  2017 =   4.8 million in 2016

  • Australian Population =  24,220,000

How many dogs per  person in Australia?

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Dog walking 101 - what do you do when a big dog approaches?

social-dogs-dogparksThe curious thing when you see a new person or dog at a dog park is that their inexperience often shows in palpable anxiety.  Both dog and owner share being scared of the unknown and if read wrongly by other dogs (social or otherwise) this can end in dog violence.  Mostly it will be from a new dog experiencing a fight or flight reflex, but even social dogs can misinterpret the energy as excitement rather than fear.

That is almost always the concern for new highly strong powerful dogs in dog parks. It isnt always their intention to have fights, but sometimes they can get picked on for their size, or their anxiety can be misinterpreted. A social pack of dogs mostly knows through experience how to approach a new dog, or how far to let a new dog play with the pack before its intentions are read as being too dominant.

Some times in the park I think that our pack is providing such a community service that we should be paid for our interactions.  But then again, it is only through the foresight and care of the owners of the dogs I take to dog parks, that they are there in the first place, 

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A little story about Jack and Dianne dogs. And why they need dog walking

social-happy-dogIn the ideal world all dogs would be walked every day. They would be social friendly and happy. They would be fit and would live as long as their genes could possibly have them live.

I know this because I walk dogs for a living, and have seen many incredible transformations.  Depending on where the dog starts, its breed, its home life, will depend on how long this transformation takes.  THAT plus how many times a  week the dog is walked off lead with other dogs in a pack.

The amazing thing is that while we are so internet obsessed, while we have disconnected from the real world so much, we marvel more at movies and hi-tech gadgets rather than the real world that dogs can get us connected with.

Even the most social dog will have a very hard time staying social or becoming more social with only one or two off lead dog walks per week.  If they are an exceptional dog to start with, or have a very relaxed nature  (as some breeds are prone to have) that can help mask any obvio9us signs of distress of boredom etc, but that often pushes down inside of a dog to give them early cancers etc  (just like a permanently stressed human).

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Main cause of death associated with 24 most common dog BREEDS

dogdeath-sterile-v-intactThis is the second article about dog longevity of dogs that are sterilised versus intact dogs. 

This article focuses on the main causes of death of 24 of the most common dog breeds (all sterilised) and even compares the differences between dog sizes of breeds and the resulting deaths.

Out of the NINE pathophysiologic processes ( PP) categories of main dog deaths,  the graphs below show for some common breeds (Breed names abbreviated on left column) how these breeds are affected by the two most common causes of death for sterilised dogs. 

The first two death related columns show the two most common causes of death for sterilised dogs. (immune and nepolastic).

The last two columns show the two least common causes of sterilised dog deaths for each breed (traumatic and infectious) - which conversely are the most common for intact dogs.

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Why de-sexed dogs live 2 yrs longer - critique of data analysis of 70,000 dogs!

dog-death-stats-Our article looks at a science paper that analysed data about the longevity of sterilised versus intact dogs and what they typically die from.

A study in 2013  looked at causes and age of death of approximately 70,000 sterilized and reproductively intact domestic dogs,Canis lupus familiaris.

The dog lifespan results  intact V de-sexed

The Christmas and cafe walked dog in Melbourne

Happy free off  lead dogPlease excuse if this blog comes off a little  preachy. Many dog walkers don't take dogs for that much of a walk, or off lead for any substantial time, so even if you get your 'average' dog walker, your dog  not be getting anywhere near the full experience they deserve.

With time poor high pressure job owners, it is coming more common place for the only time their dogs get to be out of the house or yard, is for a Saturday or Sunday walk to the local cafe.

And this experience can be stressful for dog and owner alike because the dog has been so pent up with wanting go join the pack, they have forgotten their manners, they have forgotten how to be social.

For small dogs, this is often excused as 'small dog syndrome' but I assure you that the small dogs I walk don't have such a high level of anxiety as those dogs almost never walked.

And Ironically its because the owners haven't walked their dogs a lot, or haven't got them professional dog walkers who get their dog to the point that it can be off lead at dog parks, is the very reason that the 'downtime' that they get to have with their dogs at local cafes can be one of the most stressful days in both the dog and owners lives.

And if your dog is a medium to large sized dog that is 'over exuberant' then there is a fair chance that they don't get taken anywhere that there are people.

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How to use your dog as a compass and find magnetic north

WHY DOGS POO FACING NORTHI am a pro dog walker in Melbourne (inner west). I do this because I love dogs and love walking them off lead.

I know a lot of dogs don't get adequate walks, and that there are a remarkable number of disparaging sayings about dogs that humans have made which flies in the face of dogs being called man's best friend.

One of the most remarkable things dogs teach us is 'living in the moment' and that they still take much of their behaviour cues from their ancestors the wolves.

We often see a 'strange' behaviour in the context of human behaviour and think that dogs are weird, but I posit that they are magical creatures that we have barely touched the surface about.

The surface and mystique of how deep their understanding of this world really is and what they can teach us.

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What makes a dog and why dog walking helps

our-regular-wed-dogwalk melbourne newport altona north williamstownI was playing with my dog on the lounge room floor last night and thought, wow this is all that some dogs get.

In fact many dog owners know little about their dogs evolution form the wolf, that dogs eat meat, and dogs need to associate with their own kind in packs to be a dog.

The unfortunate thing as far as vets and rescue dog groups go is that they have functions very tightly around fixing problems that they know people will understand.

VERY FEW vets or rescue dog places will recommend or enforce or encourage anyone to walk their dog, because they know that wont always be met with happiness.

If you dont make the client unhappy they will come back or recommend you.

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What facilities are needed in Melbourne dog parks

a friendly dog park dogI recently read that a uni student was looking for a concise definition of an ideal dog park. 

This park (and many others) are readily becoming the opposite of a functional dog park.  Included in the issues are restricted zones in many parts of the park trying to discourage park use by dog owners !

 Here are a few of the mismanaged things that the Melbourne council brings to this park:
  • It is situated on a busy 70 km highway and has very poor wire fencing to keep the dogs in.
  • The entrance to the park has a path from the car park to the water but the path is actually in a zone that the dogs are supposed to be excluded from.
  • The park has a child's playground very near this path, and the edge of the dog allowed zone. It used to have a fence around it, but that fence was removed to put the responsibility back on the dog owners.
  • The only water source at this end of the park is located in the non dog allowed zone, next to the child's playground.

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Melbourne Councils, and why dog parks are not designed for dogs

a dog park signA few years ago I heard that Hobson Bay council used to regularly release deadly snakes into a Newport (Victoria Australia) dog park.  They did this for years, and collected snakes from a 20 Km radius to concentrate them in an inner west park.

And that this was after it was declared a dog park where dogs and small children play.  I thought this was a little negligent to say the least.

I am a professional dog walker, and we usually walk early in the morning and try to keep away from bushes ... but surely the council should be held responsible for when their snakes bite our dogs?

If they really felt like it they could remove snakes form inner city parks and put up  snake deterrence measures such as low level electric fields around perimeters - but that would take due care and effort beyond what most of them beleive they were voted in to do. Maintain the status quo and rate values.

My latest concern is that while these deadly and non endangered species are fully protected by the law, the councils make NO effort to remove them systematically from the parks.  There are techniques they could use to humanely remove the snakes to very far away from urban environment areas, but perhaps negligence, convenience and smugness remain the stumbling blocks to keeping people and dogs safe?

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The impact of closing dog parks in Melbourne - Make your council vote count.

Dogs in Melbourne Off lead dog parksWith the economy the seemingly most important thing in Australia, and house prices expanding like some unrestrained bubble ..  many dog parks are under threat in Melbourne.  And the main reason seems to be local council profiting from developer money.

If you don't live in Melbourne this might seem completely foreign to you, but we have noticed many parks (not just dog parks) being converted into mid rise high density living completely inappropriate to the rest of the neighbourhoods they are springing up in. 

Every other house in the suburbs of places like Hobson's Bay Council areas, are under Incredibly tight heritage laws.  These laws restrict the type of extensions (limiting it to a hunch back on the back of weatherboards) to very restrictive heritage paint colours. 

Yet only a few km away, many weatherboards are being bulldozed to put up two story cement wall (very quick construction) developments with virtually no front or back yards.  They destroy the neighbourhood and the aminity of the houses next door. But its just progress hey?

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How to tell someone that their dog is over playing?

dogwalkI knew if I wrote enough blogs I would eventually come to the very difficult stuff in the dog park.  In my early years of professional dog walking I was not immune to taking on dogs that didn't respect other dogs enough. 

Mostly I would walk them on lead, but every now and then when you thought they have been good enough you are tempted to let them off the lead and have to watch them VERY closely.

And unfortunately not every owner is experienced or caring enough to know what is an acceptable level of play.

Sure when another dog is crying in pane or other people are voicing concern that view about when to separate dogs is easier, but sometimes its more subtle than that.

Judging how rough or fully active two dogs or more can play together can be one of the hardest skills and long term judgements people at dog parks will ever make.

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What new owners and dogs in the dog park in Melbourne do

Good social dogs in a dog parkIf you do anything long enough, most people become expert at some part of the process of what they are doing.  The only thing about that concept, is that a person needs enough basic skills mastered, and a desire and motivation to learn and to keep learning.

Springtime in the dog park can be wonderful, but as school holidays have arrived, we meet a lot of people in the parks who while well meaning often have little idea of what to do when they get there, or how to let their dog behave.

Fortunately most dogs we have met lately who are in this position (very rarely allowed off lead anywhere besides their backyard) are not aggressive, and if anything the opposite. Overly timid.

A non social large powerful breed dog without manners or discipline becomes dangerous quickly, however most dogs we have seen lately are more aware of what is happening than their owners. 

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Things we love about dogs and Melbourne

dogs-in-melbourne.Sometimes we forget how lucky we are with our Melbourne dog parks.

Not lucky in that there are too many or that they are built on prime land. Because the truth is that the parks that exists are mostly hard fought for and built on city dumps.  Only the economic cost of extracting the garbage seems to keep these parks preserved.

But we are lucky perhaps that man dumped garbage so thoughtlessly and now so relatively close to the city, making a loophole for future dog park enjoyment.

We are not lucky with our animal protection laws giving more protection to deadly local snakes than the dogs we own, but we are lucky that we can mostly get around the parks in summer with only a few incidents.

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YOUR Springtime refresher course on using dog parks off lead

springtime-dogwalksMost people who walk their dogs regularly at dog parks don't need this, but its amazing how each year even regulars can get it 'wrong'.

With spring each year a new crop of dog owners and new dogs turn up at the dog park. It is wonderful that they are getting out, but with a new dog going to the park for the first few times, you will often have socialisation issues.

if your dog has great recall, you can mostly relax if a park is well fenced. But a bigger problem is usually caused by a dog that isn't regularly exposed off lead to other dogs can get it in trouble. Most dogs that aren't 100% social will still go into either "fight or flight" syndrome when encountering another dog that is more domineering than it expects. 

NOTE dominance is not bad, its just an energy.  Aggression is bad in a dog park and the anxiety experienced by many non social dogs who don't understand that another dog is being social or wanting to play, can result in a fight.

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This article is why everyday people walk dogs.

mulit-dog-walk-onleadI gave up my corporate career and became a dog walker because of dogs.  Not the money and fame of course.

In my travels I meet many people with many different view about what is perfect dog walking, the best parks and the optimum number of walks per day.

You see, when you get into the full swing of walking dogs regularly, its becomes about the details. So many of these people are in a polar opposite view of the dog world from every other owner, it is ridiculous.  But that is just people being people. People can squabble over anything, but the one thing that all of the regular dog owners have in common is that they walk their dogs regularly, for the dogs health, and a side benefit of their own mental and physical health.

This doesn't make people who walk dogs for leisure or a living perfect, but they are so into understanding what their dog needs, that it become second nature, regardless of the weather.

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Its easy to get complacent about how far your dog has come.

little social dogs in dog parks dog walkersIf you daily go to dog parks, you are used to the lifestyle.  You are used to all types of weather. True dog behaviour people endure many things for the sake of their dog.

Of course the funniest thing is hearing what other regular dog owners think about the other dog owners or the dogs. It is human nature to gossip, but many dog owners don't.

If there is a bad (uncontrolled and overly aggressive dog in the park) then that dog and owner will get a reputation and usually ends up being told or voluntarily moving on.

A lot of the regular owners will complain about little things that their dogs are doing that they don't like, but compared to a dog that isn't walked, their dogs are saints.

It is very unusual for a conscientious owner who gets onto (and stops) any dog issues that affects other dogs or people in the park, to end up with a dog that has a major behavioural issue, and can't be allowed off lead.

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How do little dogs on verge of socialisation behave?

Little dogs and socialisationA lot of owners with 'little dogs'  fear that their dog will get squashed or eaten on a dog walk, and seemingly use this as an excuse to save time and energy in not walking their dogs.

This might seem like a legitimate fear, but if you assume that dogs in a dog park are social and people are inherently responsible, this fear is unfounded.

How do you make a little dog non social?

Same as for a big dog.  Don't expose them to social dogs between 3 and six months of age.

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Here are a few more tips for dog park goers

dog park tips dogs in carTips for pros and beginners in dog parks in Melbourne

1              TRUE dog park etiquette is NOT a list of what dog's can't do, but a guide to how you want all dogs to become.  Yes you carry a lead, carry poo bags, and watch your dog play. This is common sense. 

But what the signs dont suggest is that you should ideally aim to walk around the dog park in a constant fashion simulating a dog hunt to satisfy a dogs primal needs.

The dog sees you as the alpha and bonds with you and sniffs all of the smells along the way. It uses a lot of physical and mental energy doing this and becomes massively satisfied.

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The main reason people give for not walking dogs or getting a dog walker

happy-regular-walked-malamuteI would say that mainly people are either ignorant about the basic pack and social nature of dogs requiring them to have daily off lead dog contact, or they dont care.

The vast majority of clients I get seem to say that they are mostly driven by guilt that their dog looks sad or doesn't get out enough.  They have virtually no idea that in such a short space of time that we take their dogs to the park, that the dog is getting more health and mental benefits than they could ever imagine. 

Sure they see a happier dog, a less bored dog, a dog that begins to slowly get fitter .. but they don't see the myriad of benefits all slowly seeping into their dog making them just the happiest healthiest dog that they can be. Its not a miracle, it should be common sense ...

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The case for free medical treatment for dogs

happy-regular-walked-dogYou will see in many feeds from America that when a volunteer dog recue organisation are given dogs or they pick them up off the street, that these dogs are vaccinated, given surgery, de-sexed or whatever the dog needs to bring it back to health.  Basic necessary things. These are not like human cosmetic surgery 'needs', this is legitimate life and death or basic health needs.

You may also know that when you pick these dogs up, that a fair proportion of the costs are transferred to the new owner. which only seems fair right?

The issue is that once you own a dog, you are fully responsible for any vaccinations and expensive surgeries.  I am not saying that vets do not deserve to make money, however it seems that their fees have vastly outstripped the money that owners have to look after their dogs in many cases.

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The awful truth about human laziness and dog parks in Melbourne

dogparks-happydogsSure I could talk about the location as anywhere in Australia, but I walk dogs in Melbourne, and the majority of Australian's live in capital cities, so its kind of apt for almost everyone.

A lot of non dog owners or dog lovers will think that a dog park is too special to have. Too much a minority thing.  too  much a latte sipping exclusive nice to have and service that not everyone will get use of.

And that is because most people don't walk their dog regularly off lead.

With one in four houses in Australia having a dog, this kind of facility should be more common place.  And the irony of course is that a dog park, is just a place where dogs are allowed off lead. Our local council does not prohibit almost any other kind of activity in these places, meaning that often we get people who don't like dogs or who are scared of dogs, complaining in 'dog parks' that there are dogs around off lead.

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The new model of dog care - renting dogs

dog-rental-centersI recently heard an interesting story by a person who got me to pull my car over on the way to a dog walk.  He said he pulled me over because he comes from the Geelong area and they are thinking of creating a new type of dog sanctuary. One that I have never heard about before but could work well.

A lot of people with dogs don't walk them regularly, and that really besides food is the only thing they really need. The social interaction to remember how to be a friendly happy dog.

Then you get a lot of dogs that are abandoned for one reason or another and dogs that are dangerous, too much energy and so on.  Its always a misfit with the type of owners of course, but the result is the same, overflowing dog rescue centres where often due to overcrowding many dogs are put down.

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How to keep up winter dog walks

Love-winter-dogwalksToday was the coldest day in Melbourne for the year so far (sub ten degrees max) so I thought it timely to write about how to stay motivated in the winter dog walks.

Yes you can wrap up warm, bring your favourite coffee in a spill proof mug and bring along your favourite tunes, but for me all of that is pretty much redundant.

I see a few walkser there because they feel forced to by another family member or guilt, but the vast majority of people are engaged with tehir dogs performance and love seeing each of their dogs interactions. yes some people who have not been to the park very often are a little scared for hteir dog - but that only reinforces any of the dogs fears.

What really works for long term dog fitness and park visits is adjusting the owners perception of what they are doing.

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Transcendental meditation and the art of dog walking in Melbourne

zen dogTo anyone with more than a passing familiarity of the human condition, they (or you) will know that when you are enjoying doing something 'time flies'.  Time of course is going at the same rate that it always was, but being 'in the zone' has you 'lose track of time'.

When you are in a very scary or serious situation, you will also know that time 'slows down' as we really take in every millisecond that we can and store it into memory as some kind of future safeguard mechanism.

The reason that this dog walking article is about transcendental meditation is two fold

1                          When you are really enjoying a dog walk (regardless of the weather or other external factors) you will find yourself running short of time.  Time does seem to speed up and you dont want the walk to end.

This of course is not the experience of many people who walk dogs in the park, as they do it out of duty or ncessitiy and they are clock watching to make sure that they get to work or the next appointment.  They have their headphones on or are talking on their mobile and hardly know that they are in the park.

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What happens in the dog park stays in the dog park

dogs playing hard in the parkOur favourite thing is people bring social dogs to dog parks to play, and rescue dogs (that are not aggressive) learning to be social.  Most of the time that works out great.

Recently I have noted the occasional owner flare up/ tension/ anxiety that is best left out of the dog park.

The best way to approach walking dogs in your dog park are to do a little bit of zen mediation before you turn up.  People who are naturally relaxed, but attentive, and most seasoned dog walkers don't need to do this, because they are familiar with their pack and not panicky.

But so many single or rescue dog owners seem to think the world is all about them and that whatever their dogs state is in, its the best and only state to be in.

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Winter dog walks and learning to love walking your dog.

a fine pose of dogs on a dog walkThere are many things that can complicate winter dog walks for many people.  The shorter daylight hours, the cold, the not wanting to get out of bed when it is dark and cold and wet. At least in the southern states of Australia.

But for the true dog lovers, the ones that know that dogs need daily dog walks regardless of our human feelings about the weather its business as usual.

IN fact for the true dog lover, the one with dog empathy, they know that the vast majority of healthy dogs love winter more, because they wont be suffering summer heat when the dog cant sweat and can easily over heat. For a person and owner who is truly there for a dog, to ensure it is socialised, happy and healthy winter is the real bonus season.

That said, the one over arching issue such dog owners have is often with either their partner hating how dirty dogs get in winter, or they themselves having to clean up after the dog and clean the dog themselves.

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Do you like the idea of GM made war dogs with double the muscle mass?

Giant natural mutation WhippetI was flipping channels the other night and settled on Sherlock Holmes elementary. This episode was about conspiracies and GMO wrecking the food chain and another conspiracy about the US military creating muscle bound war dogs that were smarter, muscle bound killing machines.

Like many tv plots lately, they are based in a grain of truth - but then it took a weird twist and the dog turned out to be a killer robot dog.

However after a quick internet search I soon found an article written in 2015 about China pretty much doing the exact kind of gene meddling that they were talking about in the tv show.

As Chinese scientists seem to be much less hindered by global rules and condemnation, they are enjoying a golden age of unchecked development.

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Winter dog walking, how to do it, avoid it, get someone else to do it.

happy dog walked dogs on a benchEvery year about this time as the weather cools down, sunlight gets shorter and the morning rains set in, I see less people visiting the dog parks. Especially in the southern cooler states of Australia.

Even the most dedicated dog owners can struggle to walk their dog every day whether through illness, job commitments or just dislike of the weather.

There are some sure fire way to keep your schedule going, for the sake of your dogs health.

1                          If you are a dedicated on lead walker, your dog needs just as much time, actually a lot more, off lead.  Off lead it runs further and learns to be social. Learns to be independent and gets very happy and satisfied in return.

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How to reduce abandoned dogs and dog rescue killings

Amy bernese playing with a lab puppyFirstly I should say that this blog was inspired by today seeing a dog (Maltese Cross) seemingly abandoned in our local dog park. Another owner chased it down and took it to a vet for identification, but can you imagine how stressful being abandoned in a park would be to a dog? 

It was actually running on a busy highway when the other owner first saw it, then it ran into the park.  The park is a long way away from residential areas, so it looks like this was a deliberate heartless decision.

I doubt that many people buy or acquire dogs with the express expectation that they will abandon them in a few months or few years. I would just as easily abandon a  close family member as get rid of my dog, so what leads to these decisions?

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The simple joy and fun of dogs having a good time in the park.

social-dogs-playingThis blog is inspired by George the eight year old golden retriever.

He is only on a short period of walks with us, so I am not taking the credit for this, but his owner has done a great job with him. She has been running with him on lead in the local areas as well as having a dog walker walk him plenty of time off lead.

My experience of golden retrievers is that many are puppy like and enjoy play a fwe years past their puppy years, but at 8 this guy is phenomenal.

He jobs around the park, instead of walking. he has that puppy prance to him. He is happy to engage with golden retrievers as much as with any non threatening dog that is willing to play.

Even with all this energy and forthright nature, underneath he has a gentle soul that often asks permission to do things, and doesn't force dogs or humans to pat or play with him.

Some dogs will have a liking for certain types of weather parks that they know etc. George is the perfect example of a social dog that enjoys any park and the freedom to explore.

Why social dogs in the park enhance your dog walking experience

It is through examples of such strong social dogs that I meet that my park experience and pack experience are dramatically increased.

social-dogs-playingWe can go to many parks where the dogs aren't that social, but are non-threatening. You cant always choose what dog turns up. And occasionally you get a dog that is dominant and threatening, but a social dog knows how to deal with all of the different types of dogs and dog personalities out of there, because that is what continual social learning provides.

They know when to stay still, when to play and when to just go for an explore. It is like a fully actualised human being that makes the most fun out of any situation, regardless of the weather or whoever else is present.

When you see this kind of thing, like with George and my own dog Archie, that is when you fully understand why daily dog walks are so vital.  Humans can struggle their whole life to achieve such a level of knowing.  A dog raised like this from a puppy learns it immediately and keeps it, as long as their guardians keep up the park experience (and keep their own emotions in check).

When dogs dont go to dog parks, they get less friendly and sick

Recently a dog that used to go to the park regularly has had to cut back its walks to only a few times per fortnight. Its owners still take the dog for local on lead walks near their home, but trouble is brewing. Not all dogs are naturally confident. Puppy raising issues, breed or other factors can have dogs either be too timid or too aggressive. Both of these things can lead to fight or flight actions by dogs. And even dogs that have become confident because of their off lead dog walks will often quickly lose that confidence when restricted to their yard or only a few walks per week. If you have never taken your dog to a dog park, you will not know the difference it makes, or how hard it can sometimes be the first few times, but its always worth it. The trouble I have recently seen with one previous dog park regular is that the lack of walks has now returned the dog to its original anxious and aggressive state.  Not being around dogs regularly can make the first few times and older dog is exposed somewhat a jarring experience. And the same happens for a social dog that is drastically reduced in its dog contacts. In this case the option for the owner to try and keep the low contact days is to put the  dog on lead and muzzle the dog, which most owners dont want to do, so they will soon stop going to the park altogether. This has the opposite effect on their original intentions. So why don't owners take their dogs to parks more regularly? Because its easier to turn a blind eye and not know why dogs need regular dog contact and save all that precious time, than do the right thing. Un-walked dogs become: Less social ( less friendly to all dogs and humans they know and dont know less recall (because you dont practice it) bored and depressed - potentially developing mental issues Gain weight and harm joints and reduce life anxious with increased chance of separation anxiety More likely to defecate in their yard (regularly walked dogs dont poo in their yard) Keeping toxins in their bodies (because they dont run it out) has them live shorter lives An owner who walks their dog regularly or gets it walked regularly will often try very hard to keep up the schedule but these things change this: change in work schedule loss of employment birth in the family New mortgage changing disposable income Poor health Fear of dogs in the dog park None of these things are something to be ashamed of, we all go through changes in life, but if an owner can't find a way around keeping their dog going to off lead dog parks, the dog and owners health often suffers. If you have never been to a dog park, you dont know what you are missing, but if you have been and hate it, just make sure you find a way for your dogs sake that it makes it to the park regularly. Dogs are one of the biggest pack animals species on earth, they deserve, crave and need regular contact - preferably daily.Recently a dog that used to go to the park regularly has had to cut back its walks to only a few times per fortnight. Its owners still take the dog for local on lead walks near their home, but trouble is brewing.

Not all dogs are naturally confident. Puppy raising issues, breed or other factors can have dogs either be too timid or too aggressive. Both of these things can lead to fight or flight actions by dogs.

And even dogs that have become confident because of their off lead dog walks will often quickly lose that confidence when restricted to their yard or only a few walks per week.

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How to take control of giant puppies like a Great Dane

two large puppies playing - st bernard irish wolf houndRecently I was contacted by a person at their wits end over a Great Dane puppy weighing 50 Kg who was under 6 months old.  This dog was playing roughly with the female partner of the owner and he was trying to work out a solution. Normally you might expect this to come under the realm of a dog trainer, and many great trainers are out there, but usually their solution is to FIX the problem or mask it or distract the dog, not to actually do what is best for the dog too, long term.  Not true of every trainer, but training often comes from a very different place than a dog walker will start.

Firstly it is wise to understand the history of any dog. The great Dane is believed to have some English Mastiff in them and Irish Wolfhound and were bred to hunt large angry wild boars.  While many people think that Great Danes are noble placid dogs, any dog with this kind of history, and their size and strength can potentially do a lot of damage - intentionally or otherwise.

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