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Bruce & Archie

Dog Walkers Melboure is a professional dog walking and pet sitting service.  We also provide  Dog & Pet Boarding Kennels

We understand that as a dog owner you want someone to look after your dog’s welfare as much as you do. But due to work or holiday commitments or an emergency this is not always possible.  That is where we come in.

Each owner and dog is different and it is our aim to satisfy both of you beyond your expectations. Whether it be dog walking, dog or cat sitting (in your home), a visit to the vet or any other requirement you may have, just ask!

Dog Walkers Melbourne was founded by Bruce Dwyer, who remains the primary dog walker in the company. To put your mind at ease we have taken care of the following:

• We are insured for $10million for Legal Liability to the public including the animals in our care
• We have a clean police check
• Trained in Pet First Aid

We protect all personal information and will not divulge this information to any third party, unless given permission, such as for vet visits etc

Typical Dog Walkers Melbourne, off led dog walks ( The Best Dog & Pet Boarding Kennels ) 

The above is a quick video I put together (without music or special effects) to just show the daily process of one of our walks. It will give people who do not regularly visit off lead parks a glimpse of what our 'typical' mornings are like. Walks are of a 45 minute duration with allocated play time afterwards.  Sometimes dogs play more or less and sometimes we have a lot more drinks stops, again each walk is tailored to the specifics of the morning.

 The dogs and parks can vary, but the essence or the migration, play and rewards remain the same.  We make sure your dog gets the socialization that they need to complete their physical, mental and instinctual well being needs.

We love dogs as much as you do, and that’s why we are here. Why not call us and try our service and see for yourself.

Call Bruce on 0402 262 875 or email us your enquiry

If you would like to see our adventures then you can view our daily walks uploaded to Facebook.  Or Dog Treats 



Dog Walkers Melbourne

Dog Walkers Melbourne exists to provide Professional Dog walking and dog/ cat sitting servicesin Melbourne. This now includes 24 hour inhouse care - see our Pet Services page for full details

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