Testimonials by Great Dog Walkers Melbourne Clients

The following are some of the owners, dogs and cats I have had the privilege of knowing, walking and minding. You may also be interested in viewing earlier testimonials of Dog Walkers Melbourne.


 CHICA  Sherry P,.  Newport
 CHICA  Dog sit Newport  " I can highly recommend Dog Walkers Melbourne.

We felt like our dog was in good hands. Great communication'"
POPPY  Erin H. - Yarraville 
 POPPY Cat Yarraville Pet sits Bruce looked after our cat Poppy and watered our garden for four weeks whilst we were overseas. During our absence we were emailed regular updates with photos. On our return our garden was lovely and green and our cat Poppy was very happy and well looked after.

I would highly recommend Bruce he is thorough and caring. We will have no hesitation in using his service in the future. It is reassuring to know our much loved cat Poppy will always be looked after in our absence.      Thank you Bruce!
AMY  Daniela A,. Williamstown
 AMY Super bernese  "Bruce has walked Amy since she was a puppy. As a puppy, Amy used to suffer from anxiety when she was alone at home, didn't enjoy going for walks and she was afraid to socialise with other dogs. With the help of Bruce and his pack, Amy can't wait for her long morning walks so she play with her friends but also exercise her body and learn to interact with other dogs. Because of Bruce and his pack, Amy is more confident around other dogs and completely relax when she is alone at home. Bruce has also great articles on his website that help you improve your dog's diet and life style - Amy's coat and skin has improved after I changed her diet. I strongly recommend Bruce because he truly cares about his pack and enjoys his work."
 MAX  Casey M., Williamstown
 Max super dog Max loves his walks with Bruce.  Every time we put his harness on, Max is instantly excited as he knows exactly where he is going. 

Bruce is fantastic with dogs and has the wonderful ability of understanding them. It's comforting to know that your beloved pet is in safe hands.  I always look forward to my emails and photos telling what Max and the other dogs got up to at the park. Thanks Bruce.
 Archie  Jonathan L., Brooklyn
Archie cat When I went overseas for 2 weeks, I needed someone reliable to look after my cat Archie. Bruce went above and beyond my expectations, really spending time to play with Archie and emailing me photos and status reports each day. It's great to see someone who is truly passionate towards their work and that Bruce really cares for Archie like he was his own.

I recommend Bruce to anyone who needs their dog or cat cared for. Archie is still enjoying his packet of (Healthy Dog Treats available on this site) treats and can't get enough of them!

 CHARLIE  Viv H., Williamstown
 CHARLIE bichon superdog Charlie a 6 mth months old bichon x maltese - She is Very cute and energetic and I have spent a lot of money on her training, (puppy school and in home tuition by so called experts)!!!! Our problem was she needed  to be socialised  with all sorts of dogs and do what dogs do in the wild, run in a pack smell intoxicating scents she needs tuition in recall. The best thing is the dogs are being educated and monitored by Bruce. He may look very laid back and easy going but he is an expert on dog behaviour and the strong Alpha male of the group and the dogs respect him for it.

Charlie jumps into the back of Bruce's car and has a huge smile on her face. I love greeting her when Bruce drops her back, she's still smiling but exhausted and needs a siesta. She sleeps for most of the afternoon. Her confidence has grown and I love to see such progress in her development.

If you love your dog and want to give him/her the best life possible, contact dog walkers melbourne, a wonderful experience for your pet and yourself. 
Pippa & Purdie Mandy M., Williamstown
 Piippa & Purdy super dogs! Fantastic service thank you so much from both our dogs Pippa and Purdie. Loved the daily updates and felt all our pets including our fish had lots of TLC!!

Thank you again such a reassurance that all of our pets are safe and in great hands.   Mandy

MAJOR  Tim C. Altona North
 MAJOR superdog Just a quick note of thanks for looking after Major while we were away.  I was a little lost for options until I found your website since I was very reluctant to kennel Major while we were away given his age (13 years old).  I found the updates regarding your sits with Major to be most reassuring to both myself and my wife.  Based on the pics you supplied, he clearly was thoroughly enjoying it.  There was pretty much nothing I could fault with your service and will definitely be making contact again, the next time we are away.  Anyone contemplating using your service can be assured that their pet/s are in safe and caring hands.
FINN Leanne & Susan, Altona
Finn superdog! 'Bruce looked after our golden retriever and cats for 5 days and we couldn't have been happier with his service. We got emails with attached pictures after every visit and posts on his Facebook Page with pictures and updates of all the puppies on their walks.  

It was very comforting to see what our animals had been up to and how happy they looked. We will definitely be using him again and have no hesitation in recommending him to others.'

 CHOPS  Mathew M., Newport
 CHOPS Super dog Bruce has been walking our Jack Russell for a few months now. Our dog had anxiety and socialisation problems. Bruce knows his stuff, and has helped tremendously with our dog's confidence levels and anxiety issues, and the walks twice a week amongst a pack are now things our dog looks forward to. 
Louie Angela P, Newport
 LOUIE Super Dog! We met Bruce while walking our dog Louie at Newport Lakes. Bruce was very friendly and allowed us to walk the track with the dogs he was caring for. Upon chatting to Bruce we realized how much he knew about dogs and their behaviors within the pack and how well he handled all of the different dogs, and we asked him to walk Louie 3 times a week as we both work full time jobs. 

Bruce has taken great care of Louie and has helped him learn how to follow the pack off-lead, and Louie has become more manageable when we take him out. We have also noticed Louie is less destructive in our home when we are away due to being exercised well. He also provided us with very detailed updates on Louie's behavior and the adventures he had each day, complete with many photos of Louie in action. If you love your pet but cannot be with them every minute of the day, you want them to be looked after by someone passionate and caring, which is why we highly recommend Bruce to care for your dogs at times when you cannot exercise them. 
 Bilbo & Daisy  Hayley & Adam, Seaholme
 Bilbo & Daisy Dogs We have just returned back from a 10 day vacation during which time we enlisted Bruce to come past and walk and feed our two dogs. The morning walk with the 'pack' was a fantastic opportunity for our one year old Cavoodle Daisy to socialise with other dogs and burn off some excess energy, while our ten year old pug Bilbo was happy to join in the fun. The afternoon stroll around the block before dinner gave the dogs a great end to their day.

We were able to enjoy our holiday so much more knowing that our dogs were getting out and about and well taken care of. This was reinforced with the daily photos of our dogs romping around with the pack. Since our return, Bruce has been a great source of advice for how to deal with Daisy's excess energy and maintain her ability to socialise with other dogs. We would not hesitate to enlist Bruce's services again or recommend him to family and friends.
LUCY Alli E., Newport.  
LUCY Super Dog! This was the first time we had left Lucy for a few weeks so we were a bit nervous about how she would respond to Bruce and other dogs without us there. Bruce was great sending a daily report with photos and how the walks were with Lucy. He also took his dog for a walk with Lucy which meant there was always another dog for her to play with, as she is a kelpie and has loads of energy. We would recommend Bruce to others and are confident the next time we are away Lucy will be well taken care of. 
Cookie & Bentley Gareth & Lani I,. Spotswood
cookie & Bentley Dogs

“Wanted to say thanks to Bruce for looking after our 2 older dogs while we went away for a long weekend. Normally we take them with us but on this trip it was not an option. Having recently moved to Melbourne from Sydney we were reluctant to put the dogs in a kennel, even though we did look at some. The ability for the dogs to stay in their own home, be fed and walked each day was great. Add to that the comfort of receiving daily updates meant that we could relax while away.

I would happily recommend the service Bruce provides as an option to dog kennels.”

MEG Barry, Seabrook
Meg Superdog!

Bruce has been walking our corgi Meg for six months now, together with our neighbours two dogs. The three dogs get on exceptionally well and spend a lot of time together but we were initially a little concerned that Meg would not socialise with the other dogs Bruce walks. Our concerns were quickly dispelled, and Meg has grown in confidence, and seems to have overcome her fear of large dogs.

She is socialising well with other dogs and when it is time to put her harness on her excitement and anticipation are at fever pitch. We are very happy with the job Bruce is doing and the positive impact it has had on our Meg. I would recommend Bruce's service to other dog owners, particularly for socialisation purposes.

Piper & Georgie Belinda & Adele, Seabrook
Piper & Georgie Dogs

“With us going away for a few weeks we were desperate to find a reliable, safety conscience dog walker to be able to look after our girls in our absence.

We came across Bruce from a personal recommendation and after some rigorous questions, entrusted our girls to his care.

I have to say that the girls love Bruce, the pack and the exercise and we are thrilled that they are so happy and obviously enjoying themselves immensely.

I thoroughly recommend Bruce and Archie as brilliant dog walkers”.

COCO Janice T., Altona Meadows
Coco Dog

With my leg in Plaster I needed to find a dog walking service for my much loved dog Coco. Through recommendations I contacted Bruce and after meeting with him and his lovely dog Archie made arrangements for some temporary dog walks.

Coco loves her walks with Bruce and socialising with the rest of the group. The photos posted by Bruce after each walk show them all having a great doggie time.

Our temporary arrangement quickly turned permanent and Coco and myself have no hesitation in highly recommending Bruce's responsible, reliable, safe and caring service.

BLITZ (revisited) Marilyn M, Altona Meadows.
Blitz dog

Blitz has been in the capable hands of Bruce for 2 years now enjoying regular walks and even a swim now and then. Two years ago blitz suffered anxiety and would not settle if I left him for long periods. He would destroy things around the yard and try and find a way of getting out.

I decided to go with a dog walker and found Bruce, from the time blitz first met Bruce his behaviour started to change and he became a very settled dog so much so that I went back to work. Blitz just sleeps and lays out in the sun but he knows when its walking days with Bruce he senses it and becomes excited and waits at the closed gate looking out waiting to hear bruce's car pull up. As soon as they meet, blitz gets so excited he can’t wait to get in that car and go.

Blitz is so happy and contented these days and has interacted with all dogs he meets on his outings it’s amazing to watch I can’t thank Bruce enough for his commitment to blitz and his general knowledge about dogs is fantastic. For myself I’m glad blitz gets regular exercise and its peace of mind for me not having  to worry about him.

HARRY David & Pat S., Williamstown
Harry Super dog

Well if you had seen Harry when we first started with Bruce at Dog Walkers Melbourne you would have seen an over weight aggressive dog who barked at every dog that passes, now we see a fit and healthy dog who can now be let off the lead with other dogs, absolutely amazing transformation in 6 months.

My 12 year old dog acts runs and jumps like a 2 year old. We have nearly moved him off tin dog food to nutritious dog bites and fresh meat on the recommendation from Bruce. Bruce supplies the dog bites and treats. Well done Bruce you are highly recommended keep up the good work.

SNIFFY Rhonda I,. Williamstown
Sniffy wonder dog

I have used Dog Walkers Melbourne on numerous occasions, and have been delighted with the service provided.

My dog Sniffy, has a lovely time walking with Bruce and all the other dogs. Sniffy is a timid Chihuahua, who often has a fear of people, however his fear disappears when Bruce arrives for his outing. With Bruce’s lovely disposition and kind nature towards his furry friends, l am more than comfortable for Sniffy to be a part of Dog Walker Melbourne

I would highly recommend Dog Walkers Melbourne to anyone who only want the best for their dogs.

BISCUIT Claire and Alex D, Williamstown
Biscuit dog

We have now used Bruce to look after our energetic Jack Russell 'Biscuit' on two occasions while we were away. He came and walked Biscuit, played with him in our back yard, fed/watered him and collected our mail.

We have found him genuinely enthusiastic and interested in his work. His daily reports are particularly fun and informative complete with pictures and updates regarding Biscuit's mood and interactions with Archie, Bruce's dog. We would definitely recommend his service.

BEN Nicole & Jamie W, Williamstown Nth
BEN superdog

We have seen a remarkable difference in our dog's behaviour since using the services of Dog Walker's Melbourne. 

We particularly enjoy the progress updates & photos emailed to us after every walk..Very professional & Highly recommended.


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