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Dog Walkers Melbourne provides exceptional pack Dog walking services in the inner west suburbs of Melbourne - mainly: Newport, Williamstown, Altona North, Spotswood.  We have done so since 2010 !

While we used to do pet sitting services ourselves, we have also owned and operated Australia's leading independent NATURAL dog treat online store since 2011 and that has taken up much of our time commitment.  You can visit us for that at  Health Dog Treats (online - or our physical store at 14 Bennet Drive, Altona North (Millers Junction - near Reading Cinema)

Being in the dog industry for over a decade this means that we now use experienced Dog sitters for our clients and recommend them to anyone else who is after such a service.  Just text us your information and we will forward your requirements directly to the sitters.  NOTE, by dog sitters, we mean that your dog will stay in their house and be walked daily.

But back to the core of our business DOG WALKING: 

As many dog problems are related to dog inactivity, boredom and lack of socialisation, we provide the perfect dog walker solution to you while you are at work, on holiday, or just can not manage daily walks throughout the week. 

We offer professional, reliable, fun walks so your dog will always be able to explore, sniff and run to their hearts content. We guarantee your dog will be satisfied and sleep like a babe on their return. We are passionate about providing them with the exercise regime they need.

To see if we are what you and your pet are after, contact us on 0402 262 875 or on the contact form below for more information. You can check out our daily dog adventures on Facebook.  

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Dog Walkers Melbourne

Dog Walkers Melbourne is a professional dog walking and pet sitting service. We also provide 24 Hour Dog Day Care Services in Melbourne and surrounds. We love dogs as much as you do, and that’s why we are here.

Why not call us and try our service and see for yourself. Call 0402 262 875 today.

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