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Dog Walkers Melbourne provides dog walking and pet sitting services to the inner western suburbs of Melbourne around the Williamstown, Newport, Altona North, Spotwood as well as Yarraville up to Maribyrnong.  We also service Point Cook, Sanctuary Lakes and surround. Walks are mainly early morning walks in great off lead local areas, Monday to Friday. We can walk your dogs on weekends depending on availability.

We love all dogs as much as you love your dog, so we want your dog to get more than simple exercise, hence our preference for off lead pack walks – though we will walk on lead if required.

Dog Walkers Melbourne services mainly consist of the following, however we are happy to discuss other pet service requests:

Dog Walking

If your dog is good ‘off lead’ we will have them walk off lead in a natural pack formation. This is a very important aspect of natural dog behaviour as they can explore the natural environment and establish natural socialisation (aiding their mental/ instinctual health). Walks are always in safe off lead areas.

If your dog is not well socialized, likes to roam, is sick or aged, upon request we will walk your dog on lead.  We will not walk aggressive dogs or any dog that presents a danger to themselves or others.

Walks are typically of 45 minutes duration minimum (plus transport times). They are directed walks rather than simply placing them in a group and expecting them to entertain themselves. These kinds of walks are aimed at reducing boredom which can lead to behavioural problems such as boredom, excessive barking or digging, compulsive chewing etc.

Please view our Dog Walking Page as well as our Polices section to review our service model.

Dog (cat / any pet) sitting & home visits

We understand that owners need breaks too. We provide an alternative to boarding kennels which can be particularly stressful and a health risk for some dogs. If you want to keep your dog’s routine and you have sufficient facilities in your house or back yard for your dog to remain at home, we can provide your dog with walks and nightly feeds to ease their pining while you are away.

Typically the package we offer is similar to a dog walking service, with an additional afternoon visit to make sure your best friend is fed, has fresh water and is secure.

If your dog is a senior or too young for long walks, we can substitute home play/ brushing for the walk. If you have other pets such as cats, chickens or fish we can look after them too.

Regardless of whether your dog wants a walk or to stay at home we will scoop their poop, refresh water, water pot plants and do a general security check of your property.

Please view our Dog Walking Page as well as our Polices section to review our service model.

24 hour dog sitting in-house care

Most dogs do best in their home environment while their owners are away. If your dog frets or suffers separation anxiety or night barking, the second best thing is 24 hour care in an expert dog sitters home environment.  

We now refer you to local dog sitters we know, but rarely perform this task ourselves.

Please view our Dog Walking Page as well as our Polices section to review our service model.

Dog Washing

We understand that you dont always have time to wash your dog throughout the week. We are not dog groomers, but we know how to wash your dog. Provide us with your dog, favourite dog shampoo and a towel, and we will pick them up, take them for wash, towel them dry and return a clean pooch all for $20 (small dog), $25 large dogs. If you dont have shampoo or a towel, we can supply skin senstive shampoo and a towel for free.

If you want us to wash your dog after we have taken them for a morning walk, pay the dog walk fee and take $5 off the above dog wash fees.

Vet Visit

It can be difficult for you to make a vet appointment and drop them off and pick them up. We will do all of this for you at your local vet and discuss the treatment and vet recommendations with you. $34. Outside office hours 9AM - 5PM, add $15 surcharge.

Whether you are working or on holiday, you may require some extra assistance with your dogs needs. Whether it be taking your dog to a groomer or pet wash business, we can manage these and many other services for you. We take the load off you and any hassle that can be involved in asking your friends and family.

Terms and Conditions

The standard agreement terms will be provided prior to a consultation but follow the information provided on this site's Dog Walking Policy page. Visit for dog treats

Payment is due in advance before the actual dog walk week. Payment is preferably by Electronic Funds transfer or cash.


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Dog Walkers Melbourne

Dog Walkers Melbourne is a professional dog walking and pet sitting service. We also provide 24 Hour Dog Day Care Services in Melbourne and surrounds. We love dogs as much as you do, and that’s why we are here.

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