The following are some of the owners, dogs and cats I have had the privilege of knowing, walking and minding.





Lucy Elizabeth & John H., Williamstown
LUCY Superdog!

Bruce has been looking after our little Lucy for a while now. Prior to this we would be forced to take her to a kennel when we went away,

The last time she was at the kennel she did not eat and fretted so much she was just skin and bone. She is 16 years old and her health is frail. We were told she must have dementia.

Since Bruce has been seeing her she has a huge appetite and has the spring back in her step. She obviously loves the socialising with other dogs on her walks with Bruce. Our neighbours have been commenting on how much healthier Lucy is now.

When we are away Lucy lives in her own home and Bruce comes and feeds and walks her  twice a day. He then sends us an update daily with photos on the internet of Lucy on her walks when we are away. It is so wonderful to be away and know that Lucy is happy and not fretting.

We are so happy with Bruce he certainly has a way with dogs.

Ella Leigh S., Williamstown
ELLA Superdog

I was walking my 'special needs' high energy dog twice a day when an unfortunate accident left me with a broken leg, meaning I could't walk her for some months. I engaged Bruce to walk Ella, warning him about how difficult and hard to handle she could be. Bruce was totally unfazed and agreed to take her for her walks three mornings a week.

Ella was a rescue dog so we don't know her full history but it appears she was not well socialized during critical periods while growing up and expressed boisterous behaviour with never-ending energy and incredible strength - a real handful.  Socializing regularly with other dogs on her walks with Bruce has seen slow but sure improvement in Ella's demeanour and behaviour. Even with some behavioural issues and incidents, Bruce has never given up on Ella, even when I gave him the opportunity to do so after one particular episode - he hung in there. Bruce is very knowledgeable and has given good advice with regards to diet and training and I think that has helped as well. On top of that, he genuinely loves all dogs.

My leg is healed now and I walk Ella daily but she still goes with Bruce three times a week. We will be eternally grateful for what Bruce has done for Ella. I would highly recommend him to anyone who loves their dog.

Ivy Amelia H., Williamstown
Ivy Superdog

Thank you again for all your efforts with Ivy. Ivy has blossomed into a lovely well mannered dog in the park thanks to you and your dog walks.

She has gone from being obsessed with other dogs to playing nicely and then moving on when called! Your pack walks taught Ivy how to enjoy the company of other dogs without constantly licking their faces, jumping endlessly around them and refusing to leave when called. The dog walks have taught her so much and we are very grateful. She is now both a delight at home and in the park with other dogs.

Thanks again for all your help it has been fantastic.

Daisy & Scoota Katrina H., Newport
Daisy & Scoota Super dogs!

Upon meeting Bruce I was confident in leaving my 2 dogs in his care. Daisy 12yo & Scoota 4yo, each had different exercise requirements and I was confident that Bruce could accommodate their needs.

The daily updates he provided after their walks was detailed, insightful and pleasing to receive. My dogs probably wished we would go away more often. Upon our return from a short break, our dogs were happy and content. They were exercised well. I would highly recommend Bruce to care for your pets in your absence, he is passionate about what he does and really cares.

Oscar Annette K., Newport
Oscar Super dog

We enlisted Bruce to walk our Dog oscar twice a week whilst we were busy preparing for our wedding. Oscar is a huge dog, and can be a handful, so it was great to see how well Bruce handled our often stubborn dog!

It was so nice to know that Oscar was in good hands and to recieve and email and photos each day at work was a great service.
Coming home to a much calmer dog made life a lot easier for us during a busy time. Thanks again Bruce. We'd be happy to recommend you to others!

Ellie Mark F., Altona North
Ellie Superstar dog Having used Bruce's holiday pet-sitting service for the first time, I was very impressed with the level of care offered.  Bruce happily accommodated Ellie's special diet, and carried out extra duties such as keeping the garden and flower pots well watered.
I particularly appreciated Bruce's regular email updates and photos showing Ellie having a great time in new places with new friends.  It was certainly comforting to know that Ellie was enjoying her 'holiday' as much as I was enjoying mine.  
I would have no hesitation in calling on Bruce when I'm next away, and Ellie has definitely given him her paw of approval!
Ranee & Baht Rob & Angie S., Williamstown
Ranee Baht Cats Bruce looked after our cats while we were recently away. We found Bruce to be a very considerate carer and his daily updates and photos reassured us that our pets were being well cared for. We would not hesitate to recommend Bruce to other cat owners looking for peace of mind regarding the care of their pets whilst on holidays.
Bella Helena, Williamstown
Bella star dog

If you want to meet a dogs’ best friend, a man that is kind, considerate, insightful, instinctive, and also a great human being, then spend some time with ‘Bruce the dog walker’.

I have no hesitation in recommending Bruce and his dog walking business, he took my little puppy Bella and gave her some of her best walks, helped her feel comfortable with other dogs – bit and small. Thank you Bruce, and all the best from Bella and Helena

Oscar & New Friend

Mark W., Newport

Oscar New friend cats

We gave Bruce next to no notice and asked him to look after our cats.  Bruce did a great job keeping us updated with regular photos of him dropping by and feeding our cats. The photos came in handy as a way of showing our boys that the cats were being looked after and were both eagerly awaiting us coming home from our holiday.

Bruce gave us a brief description of his interaction with the cats each day and reassured us that they were both doing fine home alone!  We can't thank Bruce enough for the care he gave our cats and for those daily reassuring emails that the cats were doing well. Thanks Bruce!


Daniela & Joe, Williamstown

Amy Superstar Dog

I do not have words to describe what a great dog walker is Bruce. My husband and I could not get Amy to go for a walk, she would refuse to leave the house and we could not manage a short stroll around the block. Not even dog treats and puppy school would make her walk. It was a nightmare, specially because Amy is a big Bernese Mountain Dog puppy and she needs to exercise and get mentally challenged otherwise she destroys everything on sight! Now Amy loves to walk and she walks beautifully; most of the time she walks side by side, barely bites the leash and when she is off the leash she always comes when we call. Now for a dog that is only 5 1/2 months that is very impressive. Also, Amy has built a great confidence among other dogs. That is all thanks to Bruce, he is without a doubt the best thing that happen to Amy, my husband and I.

If you love your dog and don't have time to take them for daily morning walks, I strongly recommend Bruce because he will treat your dog as his own and you will get the most amazing results.

Blitz Marilyn, Altona Meadows
Blitz star dog

Thank You Bruce for without your support with Blitz I'd have gone crazy. Blitz was suffering Separation Anxiety from me and was quite destructive at times. By introducing him to Bruce and both bonding I now have a different dog. Blitz loves Bruce and looks forward to his twice weekly walks. He even has lots of doggy friends, something I never imagined. I can’t thank Bruce enough for his commitment to Blitz and the follow up photos that accompany the emails. Bruce you are a Legend.

I would Highly Recommend Bruce to anyone looking for that Right Person to take care of their baby.

Jack & Jill

Kelly & Paul, Altona Bay

Jack&Jill dog superstars

Bruce, you are an answer to my prayers, my husband begged for Jack and Jill 2 playful Australian bulldogs, but along with my 3 young children needless to say it was a handful I couldn't walk out my gate without feeling guilty I just would run out of time.

Now my whole house is calmer my dogs love Mondays and Wednesdays and seem to be more content, u know what they say - happy pets happy life, or maybe it's happy wife happy life - both work.

Monty Katrina & Brad H., Sth Kingsville
Monty superstar dog

Bruce has been walking our dog Monty for quite some time now and we are very happy with the service provided and would highly recommend him. Monty gets a consistent run in the park with Bruce and get’s the opportunity to mix with other dogs at the same time.

Bruce’s service is no fuss and the photo updates of Monty at the park with other dogs are excellent!

Watson Dorothy & John, Yarraville
Watson dog mud warrior

Watson was walked by Bruce absolutely reliably for 36 days in a row; rain, hail or shine.  We got regular photos and updates throughout our holiday and were left in no doubt that he was having a terrific time.  We are more than happy to recommend Bruce for all dog walking etc needs.

He clearly loves dogs and handles them wonderfully. So even though Watson's big soft brown eyes seemed to reproach us for our long absence we felt much less guilt because we had photographic proof of him having his own daily 'holiday'.

Mac Alan & Astrid, Williamstown
Mac dog superstar

We just want to let you know how much we appreciate the dog walking service Bruce provides to us. When we contacted Bruce we were in a fair dilemma, busy working couple with strange hours, and our best mate Mac who was getting over an AC joint op (2nd in 6 months) and needed care whilst we were not at home. We certainly had special needs and wondered if we could find help. Bruce your work has been brilliant. Your thoughtfulness, dedication and adaptability has been second to none and we feel so lucky to have met you. On our arriving home we find Mac content, happy and safe. We know we can trust you with our dog and our property and that is such a relief to us.

Thanks Bruce for your work and support. Here's to a long relationship between us.

Brat & Sal Claire B., Williamstown
sal & Brat dog superstars

Brat and Sal love their time out during the day with Bruce.  I was feeling guilty leaving them on their own each day while I totted of to work every morning and not back until it was dark. I used to come out to sad pair of little eyes and pent up energy.  But now, they have a new lease on life.  Brat and Sal get to hang out with Archie (another dog) and Bruce a couple of times a week.  And they love it (and so do I.)

It’s great being at work, and receiving updates of what your dogs have been doing during the day and the pictures are great too.  Bruce has definitely added more joy to Brat and Sal’s life and has given me peace of mind.

Ruby Rachel A., Newport
Ruby Dog Superstar "I consider myself very lucky to have found Bruce to walk my dog Ruby on a regular basis.

He provides plenty of updates as to her activity, behaviour and anything else of note, and sends through photos of her enjoying herself, which I love. I know that he also spent a considerable amount of time initially working on gaining Ruby's trust which I really appreciate.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Bruce to others."

Elvis & Phoebe Kirsty & Dan, Spotswood
Elivis Phoebe dogs spotswood

Bruce walked our two energetic terriers while we were away on holiday.

On our return, they seemed happy (and tired!) and weren't misbehaving with pent up energy.

Nicky Jenny L., Williamstown
Nicky bijon dog williamstown

Nicky was well looked after and Bruce sent a number of texts about Nicky’s activities during our time away. Bruce was very prompt when returning phone calls.

My neighbour also commented about Bruce’s professionalism and the care shown to Nicky in my absence.

I would be very happy to recommend the service that Bruce provides to prospective pet owners.

Stella Pam & Chris, Newport
Stella Dog Newport

We were delighted to find someone who is as enthusiastic and caring about our dog Stella as we are! Bruce has an obvious passion for dogs and we have felt very confident leaving her in his capable hands. We enjoy the dog reports and photos, and like how he keeps us in in the loop about events during the walks.

The holiday sitting service is an added bonus and has been ideal as we do not like the idea of Stella being stuck in a kennel.  We are lucky to have found such a fantastic service and would highly recommend Bruce to other owners in the area.

Jean, Rhonda, Michelle Amelia M., Williamstown
Amelia pet sitting chickens

Bruce was great looking after my 3 chickens. He did more than I asked of him, even watered my plants. My chooks were well looked after. Be using him again when need be.

Tilly Barbara N., Newport
Tilly dog superstar

Tilly has responded well to being exercised three mornings per week.

Tilly has become more responsive, contented and obedient since she joined the Dog Walker (Bruce). Before meeting Bruce I became stressed with her behaviour of disobedience and digging her way out (of the yard) and running away.

We now have a happy little dog and a pleasure to be with.

Sheeba Mike O., Newport
Sheeba O Dog

I was lucky to find Bruce when I did. Our family got our Belgium Shepherd from a local farm and she was used to running great distances each day, and staying close to the farmer. We now take her for her daily walks and she gets spoilt by my wife and children.

But when we go on holidays and can’t take her along we always rely on Bruce at Dog Walkers Melbourne to provide nightly feeds and the occasional play with Archie.

Hooliou & Floyd

Alesha N., Altona North

Floyd&hools superdogs

Life saver Bruce! I can not thank you enough for your, flexible, convenient, affordable, loving care of my boys whilst I was away!

Hooliou and Floyd loved every minute of it! It was the peace of mind knowing they were getting out and about doing what dogs do best.

Rex Alan Kirke, Formally of Point Cook, 0412 848 252
Rex Kirke

alan kirke headshot

Firstly I have to say that I have known Bruce for a long time, over ten years. Albeit unknown to most who will read this he is a very intelligent man with a string of alphabet letters after his name but doesn't advertise this. He could choose to do most anything he wants to. Though he chose to work with animals... his love.

So what has this got to do with dog walking my pooch ? your pooch ? Well everything you see I have never seen him more happy and with a smile on his face than when he was with animals. My dog "Rex" though now passed away always loved Bruce and their walks. Yes I do recommend Bruce to care for your Animals.


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