The convenience of dog walking services rise above all else.

But you know if you buy the cheapest or untested products at the supermarket, you are likely to get less than pleasing results.And the truth is that smart people would not leave their beloved member of their family to jsut anyone, even if the companies as advertising on this bright and shiny site promising all kinds of wonders.Most people realise that quality dog walkers probably don't bother advertising on these cookie cutter sites that spend all of their money on advertising and get random dog walkers of very varied skill levels on, to support that advertising.

DOG WALKERS - If its too good to seem true, it probably is.

We have been doing our dog walking and pet sitting business for eight yeasr, in a very small area of the inner west of melbourne.  We are not pretending to be the biggest,  we juset care exclusively for dogs - we dont advertise all other walkers - because we would not vouch for them unless we have worked at length with them.

To an outsider dog walking might seem like and easy task.Just pick the dog up, and let them loose, but we know a lot about our local parks and the people and dogs that walk there.We know of the value of socialisation, and about walking certain paths, to maximise the dogs enjoyment, safely.

We don't cut corners, we keep dogs on lead when they need to be. We socialise with good dogs, we ensure they get plenty of water. We have our great dogs, teach new dogs these skills.

ONLY TIME and dedication made this happen.

The reality is if people actually fully got what our services provide, we would be being paid four times the amount we charge.  No honest person/company goes into dog walking to make it rich.  If they do, they are probably leveraging off a whole bunch of other workers, and not really providing the exceptional service that individual small companies provide.And while many new 'review' sites are not above faking and posting reviews ... we have been on facebook for at least half the life of the 8 years we have been in business. 

And we will continue on showing our daily adventures in video and photo form.Please do your due diligence and checking on honest long term testimonials before you purchase your services ....

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Dog Walkers Melbourne

Dog Walkers Melbourne is a professional dog walking and pet sitting service. We also provide 24 Hour Dog Day Care Services in Melbourne and surrounds. We love dogs as much as you do, and that’s why we are here.

Why not call us and try our service and see for yourself. Call 0402 262 875 today.

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