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At Dog Walkers Melbourne, we pride ourselves on providing a professional, reliable, experienced pet walker and dog walking service in and around the suburbs of Melbourne.

Our walks are always in safe off lead areas where dogs can explore natural evironments, such as nature trail parks, bay areas or river walks.  Exploring by sniffing and roaming takes your dog back to his/her natural instincts which creates immense satisfaction.  If your dog is good ‘off lead’ we will have them walk off lead in a natural pack formation. This is a very important aspect of natural dog behaviour as they can discover the natural environment and establish natural socialisation (aiding their mental/ instinctual health). If your dog is not well socialized, likes to roam, is sick or aged, upon request we will walk your dog on lead.  We will not walk aggressive dogs or any dog that presents a danger to themselves or others.

Walks are typically of 45 minutes duration minimum (plus transport times). They are directed walks rather than simply placing them in a group and expecting them to entertain themselves. These kinds of walks are aimed at reducing behavioural problems such as boredom, excessive barking or digging, compulsive chewing etc.

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THE PROCESS of Dog Walking Service in Melbourne

1) Home consultation

After your initial contact, we offer a no obligation free home consultation. This is an opportunity to discuss your dogs needs, meet your dogs walker, plan your dogs walk schedule and decide whether to proceed.

2) Dog profile sheet

Should our service be of interest to you we ask you complete a dog profile sheet that includes your preferences such as walk requirements, snacks allowed and health issues etc.

3) Health Check

We also ensure that all dogs walked have a current certificate of vaccination, and request they are wormed/ flea treated. 

4) Safety

Owners will need to provide lead and safety harness.

5) Pick ups

Dogs are typically picked up between 9am and 9:30am.  Morning walks tire out your dog for the rest of the day, so they do not encounter boredom issues whilst waiting for you to come home.  You will need to provide access for your walker to collect your dog, whether it's a key or backyard access.  All our walkers are 100% police checked. 

6) Weather

Walks take place on all weather days (including rainy days).  If weather is extreme and a danger to your dog, walks may be postponed until clear or cancelled.  The cancelled walk will be credited to you for future walks. 



1 or 2 walks
per week

1 or 2 walks
per week
1 or 2 walks
per week
Saturday and Sunday
attract a surcharge

$35 per walk 

$57 per walk $75 per walk $11 per walk
3 or more walks
per week
3 or more walks
per week
3 or more walks
per week
Public holidays
attract a surcharge

$31 per walk

$51 per walk $69 per walk $11 per walk

Why Choose Our Dog Walking Services in Melbourne?

The simple answer is because we are very experienced and very committed to giving your dog the safest best adventure time of its life, on each and every walk.  We know the local parks better than most, personally having eight years of walks, five days per week.

We show a glimpse of our walks on our facebook page but there are many more reasons why you should want to consider our services.

Dog Walkers -  Information

No - we are not all created equal or gain the same experience.But this is the industry I have dedicated myself to, and that means 100% dedicated.I am of course assuming that you are sold on the idea of dog walking in general. If you are visiting this site, you are probably aware of a few of the benefits but many people are still trying to figure out if its a trend, a hyped up activity or if it makes any real difference.

Off lead dogs walks are the difference between a bored housebound, non social, non balanced dog, and a fit, happy, social, balanced dog.if you have a breed that is a 'lounge dog' ie belonging to a category that was bred not to have any major working function, they will still benefit immensely from interacting with the natural environment as well as the dogs in our pack, and any other social dogs we encounter.

Dog Walking Services - Specifics

Unlike many of our peers, we secure dogs safely inside of our vehicles by chaining to their harness.  We keep dogs on-lead in off lead parks (under owner direction) until they and we are convinced that they are ready recall and social wise to be off lead.We walk for the full 45 minutes in the park, not just do a lap and take a long break of unsupervised play.  We usually go overtime and ensure that play is worthwhile for all dogs in the pack.We know how the park issues change with seasons. From where the puddles form, to grass seed and swooping hazards etc.  We know most of the people in the park and their dogs.  We have so much experience that we can read the dog behaviour or our pack and any approaching dogs to know which ones can be safely approached and which ones need their space. The dog walks are an integral part of any dogs balanced life they let them:
*  Get back in touch with nature.
*  Learn to be social with all breeds and levels of other social dogs
*  Get physically fit. From play or just walking - depending on age or health issues.
*  Let them sniff (uses a lot of brain energy and helps satisfy a primal need)
*  Aids digestion and expelling toxins from their body (as blood circulation increases)
*  Stops the boredom they experience if owners have to go to work.

Imagine you (OWNER) not being allowed out of the house (to go to work or entertainment). Imagine you not being allowed to meet up with your own kind.  THAT is what its like when a dog is forced to stay at home or can only walk on lead.  It creates many physical and mental health problems.  DOGS live in the moment, so one day that they are not walk, can seem like an eternity to them.  If you want them to bark, dig or show other behavioural problems, the best way to cause this is to not walk them off lead regularly.

Most dog ills (even some major diseases) can be attributed to a sedentary dog life. Its not natural for dogs to be locked up all day, or the only view of their world to be an urban environment, that they are briskly walked around.  Tney need to make their OWN decisions about where they walk and which dog they approach and how they approach them - THAT leads to a balance dog. A happy dog. You don't have to believe in all of the benefits that we have listed. But I am only listing them from experience (not from a book). These are things that we observe dogs enjoying on a daily basis.


Usually its a question of budget or how often an owner can walk their dog off lead.I walk my own dog twice a day at a minimum, with the morning walk usually being the biggest off lead adventure.To keep a dog balanced and happy I always recommend as a minimum THREE walks per week (Monday to Friday) with another big one at least on the weekend with the owner.

Dog walker and dog walking services

They vary massively between companies and they often are staffed by part time people who are 'in between jobs'.  They have low wages, and low interest in the dogs having the best time. We walk dogs for the dogs sake, not to get rich quick.We don't listen to music while we walk - we concentrate on the pack.  We get to know other walkers and dogs in the park by name. We feed the dogs treats. We take many photos and even videos and this provides an exceptional feedback to our clients. 

We walk in all weather except thunderstorms and extreme heat - but fortunately most mornings we walk in the inner west have had neither of these issues. Just because weather is not human friendly doesn't mean your dog doesn't want to go out and see their dog friends.  They don't want to wait another 24 hours or 48 hours to walk or run with their kind.We provide exceptional experiences for both your dog, and the dog owner client.  But you will only know by trialling us.  That is what our contact form and phone number on this site are there for - for you to take the first step and make a major improvement in the quality of your dogs life, and happiness.

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Dog Walkers Melbourne

Dog Walkers Melbourne is a professional dog walking and pet sitting service. We also provide 24 Hour Dog Day Care Services in Melbourne and surrounds. We love dogs as much as you do, and that’s why we are here.

Why not call us and try our service and see for yourself. Call 0402 262 875 today.

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