Winter dog walks in Melbourne and your dogs needs, including warmth

The other bits of winter advice in Australia (particularly the southern or colder areas are to not leave your dog outside in the cold weather as their coats for most dogs are not enough to keep them getting very cold, dropping their immunity and getting them sick.

Also in cold weather dogs have a completely different biological response to humans. When we get very cold outside, and we stay still our limbs drain of blood and our core is protected. Dogs like many other animals do the opposite, they pump blood and heat to their limbs to keep the cold at bay, so they actually need up to 30% more food in winter, if they are exposed to the cold.As I advised a friend of mine, if you cant leave a dog in the house when you go out, and you use the laundry as your compromise, there are low surface temperature radiant heaters that radiate IR onto a human/ dogs body to warm it up rather than heating the air. If you get a very low wattage unit, the surface temp of these white panels won't burn when touched and will keep the risk of fire or harm to your dog very low. 

That way you might be able to avoid having the dog outside or in the major part of the house but still keep it safely warm.Whatever way you keep your dog safe and warm this winter try and get as many off lead dog walks in between you leaving for work and returning each day.

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