The cost of hiring a dog walker in Melbourne

Atlas-Vizsla-and-Pippa-Golden retriever-playingTo tell you the ‘cost’ or ‘average cost’ without the reasons behind how that cost is actually made is very misleading.  We are not talking about the difference between bare bones and rolls Royce services, as most people will only read the promotional blurb on a brochure or website and they might all seem to do the same thing. 
But there is a vast variance in the actual quality of the walk your dog gets.

Cut price dog walking usually runs at between $20 and $30 per hour. And reasonable fees range between $30 to $40 per hour off lead dog walking.But the real cost means the real fee should actually be closer to $50 to $60 per hour – the only reason this is not charged, is because there are so many people undercutting the real price of professional dog walking.

Tips for finding the best dog walking prices and services in Melbourne

Happy-Dog-Walkers-Melbourne-dog-packThis article is different from many others, because I am a fulltime professional dog walker. I am not going to sugar coat this information, but instead give you insights rarely found on any other site.

Some site will say you want to tire your dog out, so it’s not barking and digging, so its placated. But if that was completely true, you might be one of the new breeds of people who are just interested in drugging their dog into submission by using CBD oil or other depressants.

SO clearly there is more to it than just making your dog quiet.If you understand dog behaviour, and genuinely care for a dog, you are much more likely to want to find a solution that involves your dog getting socialisation, exercise and a great day out with its own kind. 

For meeting all of its primal needs and making it HAPPY, not just giving you a placid dog that doesn’t cause human issues, due to boredom etc. For that you want an expert dog walker.

Winter dog walks in Melbourne and your dogs needs, including warmth

My pack dogs on our local bench MelbourneWinter is once again upon us, and dogs that are healthy enjoy this weather much more than the heat of summer.  So even though the days are shorter and it gets darker earlier, even though its wetter and colder ... THIS is truly the average dogs most enjoyable walking weather.

And if you don't like it, get yourself a dog walker !

The reason people also don't like walking in this weather, besides the above, is that dogs get dirtier, but please remember they are a dog and they are having fun, so just towel them off if you are braving the parks.

That said, much of Australia has been in drought for the last six months, so the dogs being dirty excuse doesn't even hold for much of Australia.If you are cold, rug up. If it rains, wear water proof gear.Dogs are pack animals, need their exercise and socialisation, so if you truly love your dog, get them walked EVERY day and off lead no matter how you manage it or pay for others to do it.

The convenience of dog walking services rise above all else.

lovely dogs in my carRecently I wrote an article for my healthy dog treats site, and in it I highlighted why people by second rate dog food and dog treats from supermarkets, and its clearly because of convenience of picking something up with the weekly bills, regardless of what else is on offer - much higher quality meat based treats, at a very similar price.

Sometimes convenience blinds our decision making.The same is true of dog walking options.Very recently a directory service has been blitzing television and other traditional media with jolly ads talking about the convenience of shopping for dog walkers and pet sitters on their directory. 

Just like picking milk up at the supermarket.

Why some dog trainers should not be using off lead dog parks

Social-dogs-in-an-off-lead-dog-parkNOT all dog trainers follow the draconian thoughts of these primeval trainers. But those high and mighty ones that show great disdain for off lead dog parks, like they are the source of all problems rather than the reality that they are 95% of the time the source of THE SOLUTION -  making a brilliant social dog.

I recently viewed a "dog Trainer" video from an "old school' guy who works mostly in the eastern suburbs with large powerful dogs. Dogs that are guard dogs, dogs breed for hunting or fighting. Dogs that the average person cant train and ones you rarely see in dog parks, for good reason. If these dogs are NOT social, they become the biggest danger around

As these big powerful dogs are often notoriously 'hard to train' by the average novice owner, this kind of company encourages people go get these dogs.  its a great business model, but not going to end happily. They also discourage that there should be no banned dog breeds, even if many countries in the world do not accept certain breeds because of propensity for extreme aggression resulting in other dog or human deaths. A documented fact they like to dismiss.


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