Dogs playing in a swamp, Spoodle confronts a bulldog - VIDEO

..... Australian bulldogs pose

This is the companion article to a video I took of some dogs playing in a Melbourne suburban swamp/ pond.

At first glance, the pond will seem like a foreign planet. This video was taken in spring when the waters have receded leaving algal blooms resting on top of pond weeds. The water is quite brackish, but not stagnant meaning that it is of a similar health consistency to sea water.

I took the video to show the pure joy that dogs experience off lead when they get to play with each other unrestrained.

There are four dogs that star in this video. A ridgeback cross, two much smaller Australian bulldogs and a spoodle (English cocker variant).

This sets up an interesting dynamic as the 12 year old ridgeback has had to learn to become very patient with the two very energetic and powerful bulldogs. The bulldogs are only 1 year old here and are brother and sister. You will see them leaping with ease through the water and playing with whatever takes their fancy.

The bulldog breed has an interesting history. While the English bulldog is well known for its heavy set design and squat body, the American bulldog looks more like a boxer dog. When these two breeds are crossed together they make the Australian bulldog. This breed retains the formidable tenaciousness of the English bulldog, but the high speed athleticism of the American bulldog, albeit in a much smaller package.

These two Australian bulldogs are far from vicious however lack of socialisation and boredom (locked up for most of the week in a small backyard), have meant that they often overstep the mark when they are on the loose. They are still very much learning the social graces of how to play correctly.

..... Ridge back meets bulldog

In this short video, at the end you will see the spoodle bail up  one of the bulldogs who has been jumping all over the ridgeback. You won't see a lot of evidence of that here, but in another video of one of their play days you will see them all over the ridgeback.

At the end of the video the spoodle actually 'shirt fronts' the bulldog. That is, it runs chest first into the bulldogs chest. This is the highest signal (while still remaining very social) that the spoodle can give the bulldog to tell it that it is not the pack leader and that it is making a mistake in its forceful plays always challenging the order of the pack.

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