Lucy an ancient 18 year old dog walking happily over grass fields VIDEO

Lucy dogThis is Lucy, a little jack Russel cross that I have dog minded many times over the last 2 years. The reason I videoed her (as included in this article) is to show the amazing health that she has for an 18 year old dog.

This health comes from regular walks, and good diet (that includes raw beef and chicken) as well as conventional manufactured dog food.

On my walks with Lucy many people have been amazed to find out her age. Being a pure white coat (no grey in it) some people even mistake her for a puppy.

She is very light and fit for an 18 year old. The main health issues that she has had is a slight dementia and/ or sight and hearing impairment. It is hard to tell what level of loss she has had on all her senses, but as you will see from the clip, physically/ walking she is amazing.

Lucy rarely runs, and rarely interacts with other dogs on purpose, but prefers standing next to humans until she is picked up. But a dog of any age, that can still walk without pain, should still do some walking and some socialising.

I thought for a while when we had to do emergency housing at my house for a few days that she may not fit in to well to my dog's home. But in fact the reverse was true. In fact even at her age, and with her own bedding etc, she still decided that she wanted to take over my dog's belongings. My dog being so social (two off lead walks most days) allowed her many more liberties than most dogs would.

Ironically at times this was still not enough. When Lucy thought she was being dominated more than was reasonable, Lucy would do this peculiar little half leap at Archie, teeth bared, but never connecting.

This video essentially just shows this old and robust dog walking a straight line towards to camera over grass. Because of her reduced senses, it was best to walk at  a pace where Lucy would be only a few metres from me, and keep walking. She would happily follow me as long as she stayed within touch. If another person or dog pack walked past though, she would often be tempted to just join them. Again this was a senses issues more than a lack of connection to the pack.

Lucy held a special place in most people's hearts who met her. I thought seeing her go through her walking paces would be a fitting tribute to this great old dog.

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