Finn Golden Retriever | Holly the husky playing hard and social in the park VIDEO

 finn and holly dogs playI am a little biased in showing you this clip. This is one of the dogs that I was walking on a morning off lead dog walk during a short pet sit engagement in Melbourne.

The dog in question is Finn the social golden retriever. The owners had left me very good instructions on Finn's diet, behaviour and play preferences. I had also seen how he played with my social dog Archie and this video was taken about half way through the dog pet sit segment.

The great thing about walking a social dog, one that has good recall and is used to off lead walking is that you know that you can let them enjoy themselves without micro managing and getting in the way of their enjoyment.

It is usually difficult enough for dogs to get over separation anxiety when a dedicated owner leaves for work for the day, but doubly so when they go away on holiday. This is why I always recommend that owners consider our dog walking package that includes a long off lead morning walk/ play and an afternoon pet sit visit (that includes a short on lead walk around their territory).

This is the ideal way to get any dog to use its excess energy, and sleep during the day rather than sitting at home or in a kennel fretting about its lost master.

I also had the added advantage of visiting this park regularly and knowing the other dog that decided to play with Finn, in this case a very friendly young social husky named Holly.

Having seen Holly play before with dogs much larger than herself, and her be able to play hard, but social (ie no full biting) I had good confidence in how this play would go. Holly's owner was actually a little bit into micro managing her dog's play, which is ideal for such a powerful breed. For her owner knows the truth that as such dogs 'come of age' and transition from puppy to adult, they can sometimes choose not to listen to their owner as they should, and can play much more seriously than is social.

Holly's owner is also aware that to keep her dog social, she needs to keep coming back to such off lead parks regularly, and have holly play with other social dogs. Ones that test her physically and mentally in their play technique, but don't play aggressively.

Of course not every dog owner is confident enough with their own dog, let alone another owner's dog to ensure that their dog can play socially, and within acceptable limits.

THIS is where such services as my dog walking company: DOG WALKERS MELBOURNE does make a difference to a dog daily, while the owner is at work or on holiday.

You will see these two relatively evenly matched dogs play fairly 'roughly', but without anxiety or squeals of pain or forced submission. This is how dogs are meant to play as puppy's and how social adult dogs continue to play.

This is the kind of play that we enjoy seeing and keeps dogs social. Well done to Holly and Finn's owners !

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