German Pointer Olly swims out to boxer to get his tennis ball back VIDEO

dog and ball and boxerNone of the dogs in the video are part of my pack, however I do know the black hound fairly well - a regular fellow walkers dog.

The reason I took this video was the interesting facet I found in how Olly the hound dealt with his tennis ball being taken away from him. Because he is regularly walked off lead and is so social, he had enough manners to not try and rush in and grab the ball of the rogue boxer that was keeping the ball.

Because this was all happening in the river, it also made it interesting, because the hound and the boxer are not traditionally strong swimmers. The golden retriever that joins in for the tennis ball play in the middle of the video does have webbing between its toes to help in swimming, but he soon learned that the boxer was more interested in keeping the ball than allowing any dog near it.

I wasn't sure how the game would pan our or what Olly would do, because I know he can be ball obsessed. but the boxer just keeps on shielding the ball and paddling it in front of himself. Then towards the end of the video the boxer finds a new game of pushing the ball under the water and letting it bop up.

This gives the boxer great pleasure but just causes more concern for Olly that isn't convinced his owner is going to wade into the water to get his ball back.

It all ends well with the Olly eventually getting his ball back .. then quickly giving it up again for the chance to retrieve it with his white hound friend Sam !

This is friendly social dogs playing at their best!

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