Archie Spoodle/ cockapoo meets a Pony up close, Australia. VIDEO

spoodle and pony at marketsIf you work on a farm, or your dog lives with horses or pony's you might not find this clip very amazing. The reason it is amazing to me, is that my spoodle goes into hyper excitement mode every time we drive past a paddock that has horses or live stock in it.

In this case, a vendor brought some pony's for children's rides to a market that I sell my Healthy Dog treat range (also available on this site).  Normally Archie is able to roam a little at these local Saturday markets, but with the addition of two ponies this became impossible.

Knowing that he is a retriever who likes to fetch, but not harm his prey, I trusted that on lead he would potentially be able to desensitise himself from some up close viewing.

One of the more amazing things about this is how fast my dog goes from pulling at full strength to slowly wanting to just sniff these 'very large dogs'.

You will see in the video that it doesn't take long before he is more interested in their poo than the actual animal.

That said, these pets do not necessarily know that Archie did not mean them any harm, and they can have a deadly kick for small animals, so I obviously had to keep the lead fairly tight on my dog.

If you have a non aggressive dog that is not scared of large animals, and you know their previous experience with meeting some larger tame animals, sometimes a close highly supervised visit is ideal to desensitise your dog.

This is not recommended for everyone and every dog, and we did have direct permission from the pony handlers. It did make the rest of the day much more comfortable for everyone concerned.

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