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Healthy dog treats are a vital part of keeping your dog healthy. Whatever you feed your dog as its main diet, these dog treats are likely to surpass if not greatly enhance your dog’s natural nutritional requirements.

As a dog walker I understand that dogs need a meat based diet, after all dogs only evolved from wolves 15,000 years ago and you don’t see wolves grazing in a field! Unfortunately many claimed ‘natural’ dog treats are full of grains, vegetables and additives - basically anything but meat. They do this to keep their costs down – at the expense of your dog’s health.

This is why I only sell healthy dog treats that are based on meat with the vast majority provided by Victorian abattoirs direct to a leading local 100% Australian owned pet food manufacturer.

Unlike many highly processed supermarket dog treats, these healthy dog treats are based on meat (main ingredient) with no or very low preservatives. The Black Dog range sources quality beef, pork, lamb and kangaroo meats which are then converted by a gentle oven drying process into irresistible healthy dog treats like jerky, sausage sticks, meat balls etc.

You can then choose what animal protein you want to give your dog, as well as if you want to feed them just the flesh (such as jerky or chicken breast) or products combining different parts of the animal including flesh, organs etc. You will find this last dog treat option in the range of meat balls, discs etc.

By buying a variety of these meat based dog treats, you are then able to provide your dog with a similar nutritional balance that they would have eaten in the wild before evolving into the domestic dog we have today.

Remarkably these treats are low in salt and contain no sugar and the gentle oven drying process means there is usually no need for preservatives. There is a very small amount of preservative in the sticks, balls, nuggets, chicken breast and discs, because these contain higher moisture content to keep them soft.

If you want the best dog treat for your dog at highly competitive prices (including postage) or you want to save even more with bulk purchases, you have come to the right Australian online dog treat shop!

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