Dog walking & dog Chasing is about the pack, and fun

dog walk and dog chaseDog walking and dog Chasing more than meets the eye

 Being a dog walker (before I build my empire) means that I cant always have the best equipment, but I think that some of the photos I get of my dog pack are pretty spectacular. But like any great artist, there would be no art without great subjects, and I have the greatest on earth.

Sometimes an image in a blog is just an image, but here I take all my own images, and I try to centre my blogs around what that image means to me and my dog friends.

In this case it appears that it is just a big bernese named Amy chasing or running next to a jack russell called Max. Nothing else to see here. But you would be totally wrong.

For one, Max out front (12 years old) is three time the age of Amy. Number two, Max is much more sure of himself than Amy, and a little less social, so Amy isn't directly chasing max here, more or less getting caught along in the ride, knowing that if a dog gets too close to max when running, he likes to swivel his head around and have a chomp at thte chaser. Not very dominant, but to a slightly insecure dog like Amy, that is plenty of a reason not to chase max in the first instance.

So why does it look like these dogs are in a chase, and why are they having so much fun?

Well the first thing to know is that all dogs (except very non social dogs) love being outside the house and yard and free they have freedom of movement and make choices every moment they are out, they live in the moment, and even in down time (sitting are just living in the moment).

Meeting regularly for a slightly large anxious dog, and a quite older little bit gruff dog, keeps these dogs social. It is the ONLY way they keep learning day by day, to make friends, and enjoy the day out and not be afraid of other dogs.

Another point about this photo is that they are playing on sand. Humans know that sand is one of the softest most supportive running environments to rehabilitate on. So for a bernese that has had front knee operations, and a jack russell that has had a pin in his rear leg years ago, so tends to run with a rocking horse style, soft sand is the most pleasurable way they can run and play.

Add to that the 'sandy' texture, the varying parts of the sand, the beach smells, the excitement of moving water, and these dogs are in doggy heaven!

What these dogs are also doing

These dogs are also stimulating being in a pack (very shortly formed) and showing the skills they would need to catch prey / their dinner. As wolves or wild dogs know, running at high speed, being able to turn at high speed and basically being able to impress your next wolf, are all important games for pack status.

These runs are 'civilised' and social ways these dogs have of testing each other and still being able to sit next to each other when they get into my car to go home.

So the next time you see a NICE dog image of dogs running side by side or chasing each other. remember that there is always a massive amount more going on behind the scene than at first glance.

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