Why dogs on a seat or in my car are happy together

Social dogs in the back of my carWhen people see the miracle of my photos of my dog packs in the back of my car, they often make assumptions that the shot is staged or that they are special dogs or some other excuse for dogs sitting in harmony.

Because people are often so at conflict with each other, and people often have anti social dogs (not walked) they assume that dogs can't sit perfectly calm with each other for more than three seconds.

And truth be known, before I got to know dogs, and became a pro dog walker, I might have felt the same, or probably didn't care. if you dont own a dog, you have other things to think about. but many people who own a new dog, keep thinking about other things rather than what is best for their dog, shame owner shame !

The point is that every dog is quiet different in my car and on my walks. Not just breed, gender and age but also energy levels and preferred play style.  A lot of these dogs didn't start out as so compliant and 'easy to manage' and they are not all easy to manage on every walk.

BUT the big commonality is that they respect me as their master on the walks, look forward to rewards from pats to dog treats, and have mostly good recall.

Even if a dog is only with me once per week, after a few  weeks they easily accept the trip to the park as what is required for their liberation. They know the other dogs wont attack them, and the drive actually helps cement the pack on each new trip. 

Why is off lead walks every day important

Please note that any decent dog behaviourist will tell you that dogs need and deserve an off lead dog walk EVERY DAY.  The fact that many dogs don't get that even once per week is borderline criminal.  I know that budgets are a big issue with hiring dog walkers, but I always suggest that if you can't  walk your dog every day, that you get a walker to do it at least three times per working week, then you take up the slack on the weekend.

A daily off lead dog walk lets your dog make independent choices, poo outside of the yard, stimulates them mentally, gets them physically fit so they are less likely to get many of the modern day dog diseases brought on by commercial grain dog food and lack of walks.

When the dogs play in the park, they will choose to play with dogs in the pack, but more often than not they play with stranger dogs because they don't want to play challenge a dog in the pack that they will have to sit with on the way home.

The drive to the park makes a lot of these dogs a lot more socially aware and clever.

So while the shots of my dogs on the bench seat or in the back of the car should not be dismissed as commonplace, they only become extraordinary because of the lack of daily walks that most dogs have.

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