What makes a dog and why dog walking helps

our-regular-wed-dogwalk melbourne newport altona north williamstownI was playing with my dog on the lounge room floor last night and thought, wow this is all that some dogs get.

In fact many dog owners know little about their dogs evolution form the wolf, that dogs eat meat, and dogs need to associate with their own kind in packs to be a dog.

The unfortunate thing as far as vets and rescue dog groups go is that they have functions very tightly around fixing problems that they know people will understand.

VERY FEW vets or rescue dog places will recommend or enforce or encourage anyone to walk their dog, because they know that wont always be met with happiness.

If you dont make the client unhappy they will come back or recommend you.

Put yourself in their shows (or dog paws)

I am not sure if its ignorance, or a way of turning a blind eye so people dont feel guilt, but I never understoon why anyone would get a dog and just throw it in the back yard, and give it a pat now and then.  You would never do that to a family member.

And for some people they would do this, but its illegal. Dogs have very few real rights.

While we are all concerned about Oscars law and puppy farms and various other things BEFORE we get a dog ourselves, there is nothing besides registering your dog you need to do, and about 50% of people don't do that in our council region!

As a thought experiment consider that dogs live in the moment. every moment. Humans do yoga and meditation for years to try and achieve 5 minutes worth of being truly in the moment.

Consider if you were truly in the moment all of your life, like your dog. You were aware of everything around you and hardly accessed memories because you loved living in the moment.

Then imagine you were locked in a big room, or a big yard, with no people and no electronic devices. Would yo8u love it just because it was big?  Would you love it if there were one or two other people there forever, but no electronic means to connect to the rest of the world?

Probably not.

This is the life that a dog has that doesnt get a daily off lead walk.

I know that most people cant or dont want to be bothered walking their dog daily, but once every two days is not a big ask either.

Put yourself in your dogs shoes or paws and imagine not having access to your own kind even for an hour a day.

Then consider if you think them being wiht their own kind might be a good idea.

NOTE learning to be social is a long term constant thing, you dont through an antisocial dog in amongst social dogs on day one, they will be scared and may lash out. But in the mid and long term it is the main natural thing they need to be a REAL DOG.


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