Watch the grace of a labradoodle fetching a ball in slow motion - VIDEO

..... gypsy dog jumping

Gypsy is a very cute labradoodle. One of the most striking things about her is her youthfulness, for an eight year old dog.

This is the companion article to a VIDEO I shot of her tirelessly retrieving a tennis ball. I thought she looked so impressive with her long locks flowing, that I slowed much of it down to around one third speed, and put music to it.

To understand where her desire for fetching ball comes from is easy. She is the combination of two very active retriever dogs, the poodle and the labrador. The only thing missing from the video was a water pond for her to jump in.

The other reason why she is able to retrieve the ball so effortlessly is that she was in a very ideal weight range. This is one thing that many people don't understand about how brilliantly these two breeds have been matched together. For instance you may not know that the Labrador and cocker spaniels are two retrievers that are in a special category of easy weight gain.

In the wisdom of early breeders these breeds were selected for many qualities, including the ability to easily put on weight. This was to create an insulating layer of fat in winter to protect their core body temperature when diving into freezing waters and retrieving fowl, or the woodcock in the cocker spaniels case.

Somehow or other, breeders of the poodle believed that its thick coat would provide enough resistance to the cold, at least when it was out of the water, and so you will find that most poodles are effortlessly thin. The super power of the poodle is that even when bred with either of the other retrievers, that the resulting dog is almost always trim - taking its metabolism from the poodle.

While the standard poodle may look graceful while running (a trait the labradoodle does not carry from the Labrador) they are still built on a very sturdy bone structure. The combination of breeds means that their running style results in a very fluid but strong movement.

The labradoodle runs were filmed over half an hour period. You will see that the dog willingly retrieves the ball each time, while often enjoying a quick look around at its surroundings to see if there are any other dogs it can play with along the way. It is not recommended to play continual (long periods) of fetch with any dog, as it can create stress and anti social behavior.

If you are at all interested in owning a labradoodle, and can afford the vet bills, time to play with them, feed them well (meat based diet) then this dog breed could truly be for you.

Enjoy the video.

Article by Bruce Dwyer. If you wish to use any of this information please refer to the article as a reference and provide a link to

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